New Blog Alert — The…Barnbulog?

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The Barnard Bulletin (Barnard’s weekly magazine on, among other topics, female empowerment) is now up as a blog.  And it’s pink. Really really pink. 

According to its mission statement, the magazine “seeks to inform and entertain readers by featuring in depth articles that explore important campus issues;” you be the judge.  Point of interest: the publication is probably the first ever (or one of the first, at least) to have online archives before posting its current edition on the internet.  

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  1. ugh  

    the pink just reinforces man-o-centric male-o-cratic sexist gender prejudices.

  2. yeah

    barnard bulletin has complete searchable archives. specs go back to 2001. after that its microfilm time!

  3. barnard student

    the bulletin is such an embarrassment... and this site... oh god...

  4. please  

    let's not act like the bulletin is at all comparable to spec in terms of quality (not to suggest that spec is outstanding or anything like that... it is, however, better than the bulletin). plus, who wants to spend time negotiating a bunch of pdfs?

  5. i like the bulletin  

    if you have a problem with the bulletin and its blog, why don't you stop bitching, write for them and help them make a better website.

    there's nothing impressive about being all talk and no action.

  6. Wait wait

    Actually, before the launch of the Bwog, the Blue & White's ragtag website also included an archive of past issues, but no representation of the current issue. So there's that.

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