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Geo Karapetyan, producer of the 113th Annual Varsity Show, sends us this early morning news: 

The Varsity Show was cast last night and the creative team just pied 

(most of) this year’s cast as an induction.  The cast for V113 is:

Becky Abrams, C’08

Thomas Anawalt, C’09

Josh Breslow, C’08

Caitlin Harrity, B’07

Jordy Lievers, C’07

Michael Molina, C’10

Mark Rosenthal, GS’07

Caitlin Shure, C’07

Bwog wishes you a hearty Congratulations! And of course, all your friends now understand why you won’t be able to see them (or much of your classes) for the rest of the year…

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  1. Wow  

    I know a couple of people who got robbed.

  2. why does it seem  

    like you have to be in the "varsity show crew of friends" to actually be in the varsity show?

  3. the real story

    becky abrams in "the all-nude varsity show 2k7."

    i'll be there.

  4. Think about it  

    I think if you actually look over the group cast there are definitely people who are NOT friends with the group who are cast.

    Additionally, most of the people are friends because they are good at theatre...not the other way around.

  5. Anonymous  

    Dude, last year's Varsity Show preview for DOC rocked. I can't wait for this year!

  6. What???  

    Are you sure there aren't more talented people in this school???

  7. um..  

    michael isn't one of the in crowd unless you consider fruit paunch in--and he's honestly funny and a good actor

    his inclusion suggests that the selections were at least partially based on talent

  8. ugh  

    blegh, Jordy Lievers

  9. well  

    fruit paunch is definitely "in". For confirmation have a look at the creative/production team.

  10. hmm  

    why aren't carly and nessa on this list?

  11. Sigh  

    Fruit paunch, extended edition.


    Mikey Molina is a great guy though.

  12. a-ha  

    it's almost as if people interested in comedy would like to be part of a musical comedy! "Sigh." "Ugh." "Sigh" again. And indeed, with its one person on the creative/production team, fruit paunch must be able to sway all decisions to its own benefit!
    And what's with this group of people who do things together and then hang out! It just makes me have to "ugh" online.

  13. what?  

    why blegh to Jordy?

  14. actually  

    fruit paunch is a secret society. their improv is just a front.

  15. senator assface  

    Word up to Molina, nice job.

    I want to see more bwog postings with the tag "pied in the face."

  16. whateverz

    First of all, whoever is dissing on Jordy Lievers is just sad that she won't go on a date with you. The cast looks amazing and the only person missing is bootylicious KIERON! He STOLE THE SHOW last year. Why isn't he in the cast? PPL are obviously homophobic, and that is so pathetic at a school like Barnard.

  17. yeah!  

    congrats to everyone who made it!

  18. well...  

    kieron didn't try out this year because he's going to be in france next semester. lots of talented people didn't make the cast, which is unfortunate, but looking at who did get picked i'm excited for this april!

  19. Colin  

    I don't know if FP has the FUNNIEST people—that Colin kid is pretty dry most of the time—but I'm definitely going to go to their show tomorrow at 10p in Lerner's Broadway room!

    And congratulations to this year's VShow cast!

  20. favors

    people only get cast in varsity show if they sleep with the director, which is so obviously why kieron and carly were not cast because he refused to sleep with mark junek, but everyone else who was cast totally did

  21. Anonymous  

    Someone who isn't mark rosenthal wants to know when was the last time someone from GS made the cast.

    And this person also thinks mark rosenthal is almost as gay as Kieron.

    So...maybe PPL are only lesbi-phobic...

    • GSer  

      How many GSers even try out for the Varsity Show? Maybe a few GS/JTSers here and there, but I don't think GSers are exactly pounding down the door to be let in, only to be cruelly shut out by the CC fascists.

  22. wow  

    this cast is really great. congrats to everyone involved!

  23. jordy cant act

    jordy can't sing and isn't funny... but i guess 3rd times a charm. i'm glad that caitlin shure is back in. some years the cast is just talented (back in '04 and '05) but this year and last is just those who are in the incestuous "we think we're funny but we're not" family

    • clearly  

      someone was not cast in this year's show. and clearly this person decided to "report" these ridiculous lies. cast looks amazing - i can't wait to see the show.

      • DHI  

        I agree that someone was not cast in this year's show. In fact, it seems that there were several people not cast in this year's show. Here is a partial list:

        Cesar Augilar, SEAS '09
        Jennifer Anderson, CC '07
        Professor Aaron Lauda
        Phil Marden of New York City
        Sophia Zinkovsky of Wichita, Kansas
        Mumia Abu-Jamal
        Jenna Jameson
        Former Czech President Vaclav Havel
        The graduates who participated in last year's show but could not be cast in this year's show because they are no longer students at Columbia.

        But yes it is fairly likely that Commenter #31 did try out for the Varsity show and was not included in it.

    • wow  

      real classy. since we're discussing what people can't do, it seems you can't live your life properly, at least regarding your treatment of others.


      this cast is awesome, at every position.

    • jordy's  

      a pretty great singer and actress. she's not funny though, i'll give you that. as in, she's not OMG I'M IN FRUIT PAUNCH HAHAHA "THIS GUY!" HAHA funny.

      btw: criticizing people anonymously is definitely the new black.

      • unbiased observer  

        I just want to reiterate that criticizing people anonymously is the new black, people. Cummon. Let's stay with the trend here...

        PS If you were a 5 year old child in Angola, think about what your reaction would be to this chain of responses... Just for 8 seconds.

        • i don't  

          know why you keep posting this.

          there's a reason criticism is easier to gain anonymously (see how often you see anonymous sources in the press--ask lydia dephillis as i'm sure she's had to deal w/tons of sources that wish to remain anonymous). It's because its easy to praise because everybody is fine with recieving and giving praise on a public level. However, becuase criticism is often taken personally or made personal its easier to criticize legitimately as an anonymous source. Yes, there's certainly the danger of personal criticism veiled as legitimate criticism, but its silly to suggest that that's what always occurs.

          And by the way, stop saying anonymous criticism is the 'new black'. It's always existed and you're neither funny or clever to have coined it as that term--in fact it speaks to your inability to think critically.

    • Whoa

      "Commenter 31" - you're stirring up some pretty scary karma for yourself with your cruel and malicious commentary. You'd best be carefully checking both directions when you go to cross the street. NYC driviers don't take note of, or brake for, such vile slime as you...

  24. shut up  

    it's just a play

  25. not to pull  

    the race card, but why are all the actors white? jesus christ.

  26. because  

    they're of european descent? just a guess

  27. race  

    mikey molina is colombian! thus, non-white

  28. Alex  

    Lots of good people in the cast, lots of assholes on the Internet.

  29. Amen to that  

    Why is it that so many people who post on bwog feel the need to be haters?

  30. ugh  

    I feel like everyone feels the need to hate jordy because she's beautiful. She's a great person and totally deserves this. Just get to know her!

    I just sometimes wish they would focus on the fact that we have to hear these people sing...a lot.

    • hmmm  

      well, jordy's not really that beautiful, at least in my opinion. but that's no reason for everyone to be so harsh. pretty or not, if i were her i'd feel like the shit just because i can incite so many comments from people. if you really don't like her and think she's overrated, then quit talking about her.

      good luck to the varsity show peeps. i think we can all agree it's a pretty cool columbia tradition.

      • okay  

        so now we've bashed jordy's looks, singing, acting, sense of humor, and existence. pretty amazing then that she still managed to get cast in the company of 7 others people seem to think deserve their spots.

        obviously, something's gotta give here, guys.

  31. please  

    i don't even like the varsity show! i mean, it was great up through 103, but Varsity 104 sucked ASS and i haven't watched one since

  32. woohoo  

    post 48! that's my lucky number!!!!

    good luck varsity dudes!

  33. wait...  

    so there's one freshman, one sophomore, two juniors, and four seniors? what up?

  34. yeah  

    i'm sorry. but here's another who doesn't think jordy is as attractive as 46 is claiming. however, i also have nothing against her. she's probably a talented actress and while some people may doubt her talents, i'm sure she earned her spot deservedly

  35. For god's sake  

    You should know not to bring up Jordy's looks in a post even if you're complimenting them because you know some asshat ten posts down will simply refute you, thereby making said Jordy feel like crap if she reads this. So, if you like your friends, don't mention their looks anywhere near Bwog, even if you think they are the sexiest person alive, as someone will no doubt refute you just for the sake of proving self-worth.

  36. ...  

    Jordy is a wonderful person and is adept at playing specific characters. She will make a fine love interest in the VShow. While I agree that many of the people involved in the show this year and last are members of the "we think we're hilarious and no one else has a modicum of telent because they do not adhere to our specific brand of humor" club, there is genuine talent mixed in there. Josh Brewslow and Mark Rosenthal, for example, are far removed from this crowd and were cast simply because they are talented actors and good singers.

  37. pathetic...

    It's blatantly apparent that many of the preceeding comments have been posted by people (or merely a person?) who knows absolutely nothing about acting, singing, beauty or Jordy. Or perhaps they are merely jealous, intimidated and socially/emotionally so stunted that the only way they think they can get her attention is by posting slanderous comments while safely hidden by bwog's anonymous cloak?! Congratulations on proving your pathetic and absolute lack of character, self-worth and class.

  38. commenter 31

    sorry if you think i'm harsh... i did not audition for v-show (ever) b/c i dont sing or act. but i've gone to the show the past 4 years and plenty of other columbia theatre/improv performances. caitlin shure should have been in the show last year - she was awesome in the v-show back when they had the whole "degrassi" thing going. i'm glad she got back in this year. i wish there were more tea party people from last year in it, even though most were seniors... they are all really talented and there were many vshow alums in that group. the thing is that they used to have these uber-talented casts and not ones who were like "OMG I'M IN FRUIT PAUNCH" (i.e., paul, jordan, kate, ted...) even if they were in fruit paunch. they could all sing, they could all be subtley funny, etc. when you walked out of their shows you saw a story line, you saw characters, not just throwaway jokes. last year was funny in terms of jokes but there wasn't a cohesive show, and i frankly didn't see the relationships between characters. maybe this year the cast can pull it off, but if last year was any example i'm not holding my breath.

  39. are there  

    videos of the old v-shows online somewhere?

  40. ehh  

    i thought 112's story was better than 111's, but that's just my taste. same goes for the characters. also, i don't think any of the kids from last year's show had any lines like "OMG I AM FUNNY BECAUSE OF MY EXTRACURRICS!" let's not single out the cast as totally responsible, and let's not talk about "not holding our breath" for a good show just because the last one maybe didn't appeal to us personally, even though it was a huge success. i like zany, maybe you don't, okay. people laughed and had a good time, and a lot said it was the best they'd seen (me included). i'm a senior also, and i've seen steady improvement since a pretty lame one my freshman year (with all those stellar castmembers), so here's hoping they raise the bar yet again... and that brian dennehy stars as quigley. i really wanna see someone do quigley.

  41. also  

    Yes, we've been forgetting that a HUGE component to the success of the show are the people BEHIND the scenes. A good show is just as representative of the writers/director/composer/choreographer, etc as it is a product of the actors.

    Considering that statement, I think we have a great show to look forward to. Everyone behind the scenes seems amazing.

  42. Cowardly Lions

    What you smug, small, cowardly haters need to attempt to stretch your tiny, petty minds around are the RISKS the actors, writers, director, composer and choreographer take of being criticized, slandered and generally slapped-about by people who DON'T have a fraction of their talent or courage. You sorry-assed haters would NEVER have the chutzpah to stand on a stage and expose yourself and your lack of talent to the random venom of others like yourself. You don't even have the courage to own your slanderous comments with your name.

  43. great cast  

    is there going to be a chorus?

  44. yes!  

    ben velez, michael snyder, gilli messer, eva peskin, emily bickford, and isabel yerkes

  45. great cast  

    and looks like a great chorus too! thanks, i'm looking forward to the show.

  46. word  

    Joshua Aaron Breslow!!! HELLS YEAH!

    And awesome looking cast/creative team/everything. As long as they stick with the zombies idea, they can't go wrong.

    Wait, that was a secret?

  47. no!  

    you totally ruined it! ARRGGGH NO ZOMBIES!

    Oh well, at least it'll still star Venom.


  48. Come on, Shelley!  

    1. There are three Fruit Paunch members in the cast. Beck, Caitlin S. and Mikey are beautiful people. If they were trying out do you mean to tell me you wouldn't give each of them serious consideration?

    2. Luck is the biggest factor in casting any show. Everybody has an opinion.

    3. What if I told you that I know your mother is a ho, cuz I's boned her?

  49. hmmmm

    who knows if jordy is talented? she's a huge thief. T-H-I-E-F. Cupcakes? anyone?

  50. ?????  

    What the F does that mean???

  51. red velvet

    SO money!

    billy's bakery > Magnolia

  52. what specious  

    reasoning. because you don't act (and this can be for a variety of reasons-lack of time, other activities you like better, a general dislike of some of the shows that are put on particularly at columbia) all of a sudden you're a coward if you comment on drama or a particular person as an actor/actress?

    ok, dumbasses, then sign up for the army before critiquing military policy or run a country before critiquing the president, or write for a tv show before ripping on snl, etc..

    see how stupid you sound. in fact this entire thread has been populated by retarded and infantile rebuttals to critics of the list. ok. so someone doesn't think that a person deserves a cast spot. I know. Lets say that person is either jealous of the actress' look or that they can't get w/her?

    are you all so vapid and idiotic that you think that someone can't just dicuss somebody's merits as an actress/actor? there's a pretty big community at columbia that adores drama and such criticism shoudl be expected. However truly talented actors/actresses can deal with that and continue their excellent performance/better themselves. And if you're a supporter of them, you can also try to not drop down to the level of personal attacks which you all have been just as guilty of.

    P.S. I haven't commented on Jordy or Mike or anybody so far and dont know them. However, I suspect to be cast they must be at least decent actors/singers.

  53. fine  

    Well, there's a *bit* of a difference.
    When you're in a smaller community (like Columbia), it is an odd mix of public and private. Some people truly are giving theatrical critique...maybe they can grow up to be theatre critics! But the problem is that others DO know the people involved and may have different motives.

    Because it is a smaller community people presume to know more than they do about how varsity show casting process works. Of course it is complicated and political, but no less so than real theatre.

    Everyone cast certainly deserves to be in it. And true, there are other people that deserve to be in it too...but it's a very small show. And the smallness/exclusivity sucks, but that's also what makes it the most impressive show on campus.

    All this talk arises simply because varsity show IS a big deal. And, for the sake of theatre, I'm glad it exists so that there's at least one show on campus that people beyond the small theatre community go see.

    That's all.

  54. DHI  

    What are the implications of the fact that criticizing people is the new black?

    Now it is criticizing people people who are the victims of racial injustice.

    Non-color photographs will be in criticizing people and white.

    At the center of our galaxy is a supermassive criticizing people hole.

    Fuck this shit. I'm gonna go have a Yuengling Criticing People and Tan.

  55. wow  

    same way i misspelled "misspell"

    throwing stones,
    glass house resident

  56. haHA!  

    This article is off of the main page now! So I can assume nobody is reading this, right? Right?


    With this new found freedom, I would like to state the obvious: The Varsity Show smells like poop. I think it's because it farts all time, but I can't be sure. Regardless, everybody knows it, but nobody wants to go out and say it.


  57. HA!HA!  

    obviously, these comments come from varsity show-ers that are wasted tonight. awesomeeeeeee

  58. A Turkey  

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone involved in the Varsity Show!

  59. a shh-mule

    but HONESTLY

    if the girls in the varsity show cast (and also the writers) were screen doors, i would slam them

    so. hard.

    a tricycle? huuzah!

  60. j.w. booth

    that's my favorite kind!

  61. OMG



  62. peter

    is not funny. fruit paunch IS. just some vital clarification.

  63. Peter

    true say, true say. i attribute most of my success to standing behind caitlin shure and nodding my head.

  64. #100

    Woo! Comment #100! This makes me cool!

    I attribute most of my success to kneeling behind Caitlin Shure and giving head.

  65. fruit paunch  

    is only funny because of dan erickson. if he's not in the pit for varsity show, i won't see it.

  66. fruit paunch fan

    While i don't agree that fruit paunch is ONLY funny because of Dan, I do agree that he is hilarious and an important contribution. However, why should his funniness mean that him being in pit will make the show better? Did he not audition to be in cast? Mistake Dan, mistake.

    I've just stumbled upon this page since being at home and think it's funny/ridiculous.

    The cast looks really good. Congrats to all.

  67. clarification  

    i didn't mean that dan being in the pit would make the show better, simply that i won't see it if he's not.

    • oh, me?

      I MEANT that i also just have discovered this page this weekend and my reaction was: "lievers and shure?!? HOLY SHIT! amazing." THOSE TWO. Congrats to the directing team for understanding what makes a great varsity show!!!! cant wait for april.

  68. ya know  

    that's a good point. the team that chose these actors consists of 9 or so people who understand—BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE—what will make the 113th show great. Great choices Mark, Erin, Brigid, Geo, Olivia, and Henry!!! Okay choices Rob, Tom, and Peter!!

    I also just stumbled on this page.

  69. seriously  

    we're so very close to having 113 comments

  70. sugarplum fairy  

    Ya know what I heard? I heard that a bunch of people involved in varsity show are ALSO working on

    XMAS! A Secular Spectacular--
    a naughty holiday musical set to perform
    In roone alredge at 7:30 on 12/12.

    I just heard that, is all.

  71. Lookee  

    At least there's nobody in Varsity Show AND Xmas AND Fruit Paunch. That would really be a conspiracy!!!!!

  72. OMG  


  73. JUNKY  


    Now THAT was a Varsity Show

  74. oh gosh  

    i'm setting you up, guys... WHO'S GOING TO LEAVE THE 113TH COMMENT?! it better be GOOD!

  75. Deadite Captain  

    Cry Havoc and let loose the Dogs of War!

  76. actually  

    the varsity show constitution is lame.

    yeah, pretty lame.

    the 112 dvd is awesome though.

  77. Jacob Nackler  

    I peed on it.

  78. Fatty Nyack  

    Never gettin' ruffled. Always stayin' cool.

  79. Officer Breslow  

    I train wolves. I train wolves very well. Please... no sarcasm from the passenger seat. 22?! The thing about humor is... it's not whether you're funny or not... it's all about being quick.

  80. anyone  

    that's what she said

  81. fight won  

    cause the show absolutely bleeew. wow. can't believe i just posted on this.

  82. it's like....

    bam bam bam bam

  83. DeadHorseWhipper-er  

    Ummmmm I was in the Varsity Show and have very few friends...

    It's not all glory and sex let me tell you. Mostly its glory and sex, but not all of it.

  84. Whoever  

    posted above is probably trying to get attention. I bet they even posted this one. That's probs how lonely they are...cuz the varsity show.

  85. vshow alum

    no, it's definitely all glory and sex.

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