Week in Review – Downhill from here edition

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Bwog is ready for vacation. And after Thanksgiving, it’s a race to the finish–might as well start buying your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa presents now, because you’re not going to have time in three weeks. Let the season begin!

lightsLearning experiences that will be funny in 20 years

– Great men come, go, salvage Columbia’s honor, wish us happy thanksgivings, and tell us how to avoid death this winter

– Shameless plug department: because Men in Black is awesome, because we like their aesthetic sensibilities, and because we can

– New media department: a botched attempt, and the Bulletin boldly faces the new century!

– Lyricism department: the chosen ones, verses of love, and verses of…yeah.

What you should take and who should teach you


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