Foner and Rove: the Odd Couple

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Karl Rove is a fan of Bwog’s favorite history professor, Eric Foner. According to a 2003 New Yorker profile by Journalism School dean Nick Lemann:

“Rove’s favorite book at the time [1984] was Eric Foner’s Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men, a history of the early days of the Republican Party, which he read less as a dispassionate analysis of the early Republicans’ strengths -and weaknesses than as a guidebook on how to broaden the appeal of the Party.”

Foner noted this in lecture on September 13th, remarking, “Karl Rove is my man.” His boss, though, is another story.

“I used to think Andrew Johnson was the worst president in American history,” Foner accounced today in class. “I don’t any more.”

In other news: Has anyone else noticed that the Columbia Democrats’ website has been down for the last few months? And that the substitute is a little…empty? And that the Republicans, on a far smaller budget, has one that looks professional? Just saying.

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  1. yeah  

    the republicans looking more professional with a smaller budget and membership- this is the story of political life at columbia.

  2. Anonymous  

    the dems' website got hacked this summer!

  3. seth  

    it was hacked three seperate times

  4. yeah  

    i was about to ask why it was down for so long

  5. hmmm  

    "I used to think Andrew Johnson was the worst president in American history," Foner accounced today in class. "I don't any more."

    In the spring of 04, it was only "I'm not so sure anymore."

    • theatrical words  

      even foner is victim to hyperbole'd take quite a lot more for a president to approach johnson's ineptitude

      • DHI  

        I took his statement to be a little more ambiguous - he framed it as if he was reconsidering him in historical context as one of the worst, but maybe not THE worst, and that the possibility that he was talking about Bush was definitely intended but not certain. He left room for the possibility that maybe he thought Pierce or Buchanan, or even Hoover or Harding or somebody, was worse. On the other hand, I think Foner is down with Sean Wilentz who did write that Rolling Stone article about how George Bush might be the worst President ever.

  6. rachel  

    hi bwog,
    you fucked up foner's quote a lil. check the upper margins of my notebook next time.

  7. To be fair..  

    The Republican's website probably is professional. Their treasurer professionally makes websites.

  8. yeah  

    but i doubt the treasurer got paid to make it as it'd probably sap their budget. either way the dems probably definitely have a couple web designers amongst their membership.

  9. No..  

    Their treasurer doesn't professionally make websites. Nor did their treasurer make this.

  10. i heard  

    that this really hot asian kid made it. figures...

  11. have you  

    ever seen tao tan??

  12. i heard  

    the republicans paid $2500 for the website and got the funding from an alum family

    • haha.  

      yeah. right. repub here. if we had 2500 we'd use it to help get a good speaker on campus

      as for tao tan..are we really going to have a discussion about whether he's a hot asian republican?

  13. tit  

    tao tan did not make that website. but he did make prezbo orgasm.

  14. I heard  

    that the republicans paid for their website from funds obtained by selling the organs of the homeless on the black market. just saying.

  15. i heard  

    tao tan does pornos for a company which he just gained control of through a venture capital firm he's interning at

  16. wow  

    two phrases with terminal prepositions in one sentence

  17. i heard

    tao tan gained control of the venture capital firm he's interning at through the russian mafia syndicate he is a member of.

  18. sorry i meant

    *of which he is a member

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