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‘Tis the season for the arrival of the new issue of The Current, Columbia’s “Journal of Contemporary Politics, Culture, and Jewish Affairs”. The latest edition’s cover is graced with a reminder of the brutal fisticuffs to which our fair university descended in the Spring of 1968, not to mention the horrible handlebar mustaches our predecessors donned at the time. But without further adieu, we here summarize and gently mock the contents of a noble publication, part of that great Leviathan, “old media”, that nourisheth Bwog with life-giving content.

Presumptions shattered! Chinese and Jews enjoy a relationship beyond positive stereotypes, take-out

Columbia student, inspired by Jesus, swims to Croatia, worries she is overprivileged, returns to Bosnia

Disney and Steve Irwin team up to offer animals the “cool table in the cafeteria of evolution”

Scoreboard at Halftime: Random Hookups at Columbia: 23984798. Dates at Columbia: 38.

Boy Scouts might be bigots…or concerned citizens of humanity…but everyone agrees their uniforms suck




    no quick jester or quick adhoc, but yet another incestuous b+w-related post?!

  2. good  

    dating article. and its really true.

    honestly too, i've asked out and been asked out by girls in nyc who aren't from columbia/barnard but no one from here simply because they're more approachable

  3. handlebar man  

    what's horrible about a handlebar mustache?

  4. Anonymous

    no link to the editorial? it was quite good.

  5. wah?  

    The Current came out over a month ago... This is surprisingly old newz.

  6. please link  

    to the editorial, dear bwog.

  7. what  

    a sophmoric and retarded fucking editorial. stupid groups linkign to your site prove your inflammatory...ok, yeah. lets keep that rule and throw bwog the hell out for being linked to by indymedia and the worldwide socialists

  8. whatever  

    b/w is just pissed that adhoc did a better minuteman article than they did that was more timely. and a better editorial that didn't rehash everything else. why would they want to acknowledge that?

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