1. hooray for pizza!

    sorry bwog... it's actually 300 (301?) lewisohn. didn't mean to send kids to the dean's office (even though it's probably closed). but once you get in lewisohn, just take a left and the stairs and walk to the end of the hall. can't miss it.

  2. hmm  

    does it say something that gs needs to offer an incentive to get its students to stay on campus for five minutes to help lower tuition/support their classmates?

    though it's not like cc isn't giving out prizes for people who applied for graduation (inane...)

  3. hmm

    you're reading too far into it! free pizza! woo! free!

    besides, kids don't do squat without swag nowadays.

  4. Sperm

    Is it true there was sperm on their pizza? Like some fat guy just shat it on their fucking free food? Oh my god, man. That shit needs to be removed.

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