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  1. moi  

    the column is by joanna bove. the internets messed it up.

  2. the  

    fed job links to the GS fundraising thingy

  3. man  

    miriam seems to like the meat enough when she's writing most of her columns

  4. that turkey article  

    was dumb

  5. question  

    Is [email protected] not working for anyone else? Everytime I visit it, Firefox says "Can't open file: 'columbia_hits.MYI' (errno: 145)", but the other boredat sites work fine

    • yeah  

      [email protected] isn't working for me either. same rejection message.

  6. dear spec  

    there is no new york sports clubs at 125th and broadway.

    love, reality.

  7. the meat  

    industry is corrupt, the vegetable industry is corrupt, so the only ethical and moral option is to stop eating.

  8. The  

    link to the FED story still doens't work. I try to studiously avoid reading about GS, so I wish you would change it.

  9. wtf  

    Lerner is a rancid piece of shit. Columbia should just tear the thing down and let us all have 4 more years of college to make up for it.

  10. is it still  

    ok to eat animals you've personally clubbed to death? I'd really hate having to give up baby seal.

  11. hello?

    Since when is it acceptable to use racial epithets here? Gypped? What next, are you going to mention how Columbia is jewing down Manhattanville land owners? And nobody seems to have a problem with this.

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