1. i read  

    i read that as CUCA.

  2. interested  

    where can i get one?

  3. join them  

    or you'll be quaking under their jackboots

  4. oh please

    this idea is so USED.

  5. yeah  

    i can really see how using a tried and true slogan would hurt their sales

    it is pretty elitist though--though i guess that's the best they could come up with in terms of humor

    either way, i still bet they sell a bunch

  6. assapopoulos  

    as a future gay male prostitute, i look forward to rendering services for the republicans, continuing my profession's noble path.

  7. ahhh  

    people are scared... they know it's true

  8. Anonymous  

    What gender is Bwog?

  9. Lydia  

    Bwog is all genders, and no gender. It's ecumenical that way.

  10. Anonymous  

    That explains the pronoun.

  11. #7...  

    true dat. my bad.

    not my bad that i think it's unfortunate and that it's one of the many reasons i'm not a republican.

  12. Andrea  

    Republicans using scare tactics! No surprise there.

    • um..from  

      the party of michael moore. bravo

      • Andrea  

        Observing scare tactics of one party (not to say that others don't use them) doesn't make someone part of another party or side. Does criticizing something suddenly equal siding with Michael Moore?

        • wow  

          So now a little tongue-in-cheek humour by a college group on sweatshirts suddenly equals mass producing, distributing, and promoting a films to audiences of millions that wail and gnash teeth about the evil, insidious, warmongering, and unseen corporations taking over the world.

          No wonder you're getting thrashed in this.

  13. yeah  

    and i can see how a group of college republicans from a liberal university on the northeast coast of the country can contribute to a pattern of political tactics where a national political party uses fear knowingly and w/o any merit and context to dupe stupid voters into supporting them

    you're on just as thin ice as 18

  14. Bwog and B&W

    Are they dating?

  15. um, yeah

    Whether you're a committed Republican or Democrat or whatever, it's pretty douchebaggy to wear apparal touting that affiliation. I never understood why there was a need/desire to do so.

  16. Bwog  

    got banged up by B&W, who immediately high-tailed it out of there. Some time later, a bastard child named The Fed was brought into this world.

  17. terrible message

    a hoody that threatens: be a member or else we won't let you share in our elitist power trip

    what ever happened to republicans trying to convince people to be members of our party by making arguments for why our ideas and values are better?

    even a Reagan like 'feel good about America slogan and stop blaming it' message would be better than this bs

  18. That's nothing  

    All real Republican gangstas get tattoos that say "GOP: RYDE OR DIE."

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