1. the opinion section  

    seems to have gone the way of baseline literacy

  2. and it  

    continues to fester

  3. Opinion is back

    They had it up by 11am, surely you can find something snarkier to say about it

  4. It's

    in the paper! I know old media's a dying breed, but seriously now - would it kill bwog to walk into the lobby of any dorm and flip througha copy?

  5. Next  

    Barnard is gonna bitch that CU classes assume a basic level of literacy above the 3rd grade.

  6. ...  

    The GS section of LitHum is taught by arguably the best core lecturer at Columbia. No surprise on the wait list.

  7. Don't

    ....they usually complain because we treat them like they DON'T go to Columbia?

  8. huh?

    "Elaine Yeung, BC '09, who is taking Contemporary Civilization this year, said that she thought that there were so few Barnard students in Core classes in part because few people knew about the application process and because taking Columbia Core classes does not replace any of Barnard's own requirements."

    hello? Elaine, what about the fact that the Core is for COLUMBIA undergraduates. maybe that's why the Barnards are sticking to their side of the street. ever ponder that?

    • a barnard student

      i entirely agree with this comment. elaine should just take dalton's political theory class. same books, awesome lecturer, YOUR side of the street. have pride, woman. you chose 9 ways of knowing over the core for a reason. it's not that barnard students don't know they can take the core, it's that they don't want to. we have a different educational philosophy, and a debate over which is better will lead to a flame war, but regardless of your opinion, you go to barnard. soak it up. don't take cc, as awesome and interesting as it may be.

    • hmm

      Cool down kid, Elaine Yeung is awesome.

  9. remember...

    ..that article in the Spec a month or two ago..

    "Get Out of My Women's College."

    Did anyone ever write a rebuttle?

    "Get Out of My Core Class"
    or even better..
    "Get Out of My Ivy League School"

  10. barnard again

    i'm sick of this ivy league argument. barnard students play for columbia teams. the ivy league is a sports consortium. thus, barnard is part of the ivy league. and we can take your classes and you can take ours, so let's just all hold hands and get along.

  11. CC student

    "Don't take CC, as awesome and interesting as it may be."

    Does Barnard pride involve closing yourself off to potentially superior educational experiences?

    If a Barnard gal wants to be in my CC class, more power to her. There are enough people who take it for granted anyway.

    • meg

      i'm all for barnard students taking columbia classes, and for columbia students taking the potentially superior classes at barnard too. but the core is a different story. there's a reason columbia and barnard have different requirements, and there are many classes on both campuses that are similar to cc. it doesn't make sense to me for a barnard student to take cc, just as it wouldn't make sense for a columbia student to take a barnard first-year seminar.

  12. seriously

    wtf is up with that. i got stuck with a grad student and the gs electives get JILL MULLER. fuck this. im never giving this school a dime.

  13. 19-nnnnn19... 19

    Fucking GS... I'm gonna tell my daddy to make sure NONE of those fucks ever fucking FUCKS WITH ME. Fuck them man. I will KILL that BULLSHIT. DIE DIE DIE

  14. LJC  

    if you are offered an opportunity then you take it! why the does anyone care which side of the street your class is on? If it fits in your schedule and you enjoy it, then go for it. All of you who are so against this girl taking a CC class should put you ego aside and understand that she is taking it because she likes it! It doesn't even fulfill a requirement!!

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