Weekend in Review – What you missed edition

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OK, you didn’t miss much. But life does go on at Columbia over holiday weekends–sort of.

low– On Saturday night, Roone Arledge rocked out to the sound of truly horrible Japanese karaoke…for two hours. Students marooned in Lerner after Butler had closed found one more reason to contemplate killing themselves.

– Roti Roll raised their prices while students weren’t around to protest. Not that they would have; it’s still the only place you can get a meal for less than three dollars this side of the golden arches.

– What’s sadder than a Thursday night Bored at Butler conversation? A Thanksgiving Bored at Butler conversation!

– Plus, these highlights from the week’s news: Republicans advertise and accessorize, Quigley dishes, and who knew that Columbia alumni could be so dumb and so awesome at the same time?



  1. cool  

    photo-- where's it from?

  2. DHI  

    What are the new Roti Roll prices?

    This is bad news bears.

  3. bwog-ee

    the best of that thanksgiving B@B conversation is here: read from the bottom up.

  4. also  

    there was a film shoot outside of hartley thursday morning.

  5. I know!  

    I want to know what it was. (I saw it filming on Saturday morning.)

  6. HOL UP  

    Koronet's: $2.75


    And it will always be $2.75. In fact, it always has been $2.75, which made little sense in the 30s through 70s, but the shit was constant on principle yo.

  7. when  

    i was first here, it was 2.25.

  8. i wonder

    how much Professor de Bary paid for Koronet's back in 1941.

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