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christmasTomorrow night, Enya, X-tina, and a small army of tourists will converge on Rockefeller Plaza to watch Al Roker waste a lot of electricity and, as usual, freeze his ass off. Though we mildly recommend that everyone to go watch in person, NBC has been gracious enough to shift their blockbuster Wednesday line-up to make way for a one-hour TV special on the event (which will also include performances by John Legend and Bette Midler, as well as an inestimable number of plugs for 30 Rock and Heroes).  Alternatively, you could keep refreshing Bwog, where music critic/holiday enthusiast Bryan Mochizuki will be blogging minute-by-minute updates.  Tune in here at 8 PM for good tidings and Taylor Hicks jokes. 

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  1. hmm

    um. why the live blogging? can't i just put on channel 4?

  2. and certainly  

    there is no one who represents holiday cheer more than Bryan Mochizuki. i'm sure it will just be a host of mockery with a vague pleasantry to pretend he sort of maybe had a good time.

    i'll take al roker's unrelenting boosterism thank you.

  3. oh boy oh boy  

    great, "Blog Blog Blog: A Hipster's Nicotine-Filled Christmas with Bryan Mochizuki"

    next week: "They're So Phallic: Lighting the Hannukah Candles with Miriam Datasovksy" followed by "Malcolm X Lounge *This*, Motherfuckers: A Very Special Kwanzaa with Chris Kuwalik"

  4. I think  

    they stop wasting precious evergreens on this materialistic holiday and go back to the ancient, tried-and-true tradition of lighting up Christians instead. Christmas at the Colosseum, now THAT was a celebration.

  5. speaking of  

    when are we having our own cheesy tree/college walk lighting with Prezbo? why has CCSC/ESC dropped the ball in informing us. tell us, Bwog, tell us!

    • When  

      When are we having our own naught Christmas Musical?

      TUESDAY, 12/12 @ 7:30 in Roone!
      XMAS! A Secular Spectacular

      email [email protected]

    • bwog  

      look on the events column to your right...

    • shira  

      mr. flaxman graciously shared the yule log/tree lighting info in his last e-mail, too.

  6. Sprinkles  

    It wasn't freezing that got rid of Al Roker's ass. He had that gastric bypass surgery.

  7. Al Roker  

    any inside word yet on who'll be wearing the yule-log suit?

  8. wow  

    i hope you feel like a loser now

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