1. fuck  

    fuck ABC! while princeton kids get tens of thousands to gallivant about the globe on whatever cockamine project they dream up, columbia refuses to fund even original student club ideas. I'drather a magazine on the african diaspora than 7 lookalike politics publications (you all know what I'm talking about)

  2. GS Student

    Dallas BBQ is better than Dinosaur? Goldstein doesn't know the first thing about BBQ. Real BBQ is smoke BBQ, no smoke means it ain't BBQ, and Dallas BBQ ain't smoked. The Spec needs a real restaurant critic. Like me.

  3. real bbq supporter  


  4. Anonymous  

    ABC actually wants to recognize just about every group that applies. The meetings are agonizing, because ultimately the reasons for rejection have little or nothing to do with the idea behind the club and everything to do with the amount of resources available for it. Publications, in particular, are extremely expensive relative to their activities, and ABC doesn't have enough money to adequately fund the publications it has already recognized, let alone recognize new ones. This is an issue with the paltry amount of money the administration provides, not the student governance groups doing their best to work with limited resources.

    Also, poster #7 is correct. ISO will probably eventually be moved to SGB.

  5. Did you....  

    ...take that photo in the GS student lounge?

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