Bwog asks: Why the pomp?

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Apart from right now, when is the last time you remember seeing a red carpet rolled out down Low steps? Bwog tried to determine what was going on- the rotunda is filled with red decorations, balloons, etc.- but the information office didn’t seem to know. (We did spot Nicholas Dirks lurking around the rotunda, however.)


  1. As I mentioned  

    previously, the red carpet is merely an illusion from afar. If you had been more intrepid journalists, you would've approached the "red carpet" and realized that it is merely PrezBo's time of the month again.

  2. hmm  

    the last time I remember this happening was when vladimir putin was here in fall '03. take that, underclassmen.

  3. me.  

    i was actually talking to bob kraft on lowe steps and he said that it's just some kind of fundraiser

  4. Sprinkles  

    World AIDS day. Duh.

  5. Dem  

    Trustees were on campus.

  6. Lorna

    The red lights make Low look a little suspicious, like a den of sin and orgies and malevolence. Not as elegant as they may have planned. White lights should have been sbstituted.

  7. sdfsadfsad  

    oh shit he said he was talking to bob kraft son!

  8. nope  

    the first emperor event was in miller theater

  9. um,  

    did anyone else see those lights and think, "orientalism"? i almost started writing a little CC paper about it.

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