Is it hot in here, or is that just the ocean boiling?

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Today between noon and 2, the Dems staged their much anticipated “Global Warming Bash” on College Walk. We had been promised pinatas, passion, petitions- And apparently the Dems delivered.

Said Dems spokesperson Rachael McMillan:

“It was incredibly successful and we got every single postcard and pledge signed! We went through about eight pinatas.”

Of note: the Dems would have covered College Walk with chalk to advertise the event, but if you haven’t noticed the extra scrubbing campus has undergone in the last few days, they’re keeping it squeaky clean for the Trustees, who’re meeting here this week. Plus it’s Facilities’ policy to not allow chalking at all during the winter months, since powerwashing it away can get icy…although it was about 65 degrees today…yeah.

More pics from the Dems after the jump.



  1. Hmmmm  

    Oh, for the love of have got to be kidding me. "It's the first of December, what are you wearing?" I'm sorry, global warming is measured in single digit degree gains, not abnormal fluxes in temperature, like this one. Not to mention it was this warm on December 1st all the way back in the 80's. Yes, global warming is happening, but don't be sensationalist.

    • Laura  

      The sign about today's weather was intended to get attention, not as any concrete scientific evidence as to the direct impact of global warming on November 30, 2006's temperature. Besides, global warming does and will affect our temperatures here.
      The sign was not sensationalist in any way other than trying to make a point about what the future might be like and to get people's attention. Have a sense of humor.

    • Beth Gabor  

      You're absolutely right that it's unscientific to claim that unusually high temperatures on any one particular day are indicative of global climate change, since it's statistical measures over time that really count. I too get annoyed when I hear people saying things like that. However, remember that these aren't scientists running the event. They're college Dems. The global warming issue has unfortunately been turned into a political football, and it's pretty rare that one hears people on either side of the aisle making logical and scientifically correct statements on global warming. Politics is about soundbytes.

      As an aside, the undergraduate student body here is also overwhelming composed of non-science majors. Even the Core, so heavy on literature and philosophy, apparently isn't able to force Columbia students to learn much science. With that in mind, it's probably not surprising to hear unscientific statements about climate change being made by *both* political parties on this campus.

  2. Anonymous  


    I stopped by today and was excited over how great their event was. Not only was it entertaining, but their pledge and postcard that you signed was a fabulous idea. It shows that they truly care about the issue and are trying incredibly hard to be proactive and practical in getting the Columbia community involved.


  3. Wait a second  

    Doesn't all this needless expenditure of energy raise temperatures? Whose side are you all on?

  4. Yes!  

    Yeah, Dems!

    It's nice to see an event that is both original and pro-active.

  5. bwethicist?  

    repeat after me: my commentary will not consist of nothing but uncritical praise. I will not just get swept up by political faction/ideology. I can make enlightened, interesting contributions to a discussion beyond reinforcement.

  6. confused  

    So it wasn't the dems that were protesting Dow or selling tickets to "An Exhilarating Fusion of the East...and the West!"?

  7. Sprinkles  

    Clean? Are you kidding me? There's green moss growing on the side of Journalism that faces College Walk. All these buildings need a major sandblasting - they're covered in dirt.

  8. Sprinkles  

    Also, this event was fun. I won a condom. I can't wait to do what Ann Coulter only wishes she could.

  9. shira  

    there's nothing I like to see more on bwog than a picture of stephen cox getting hit in the head with a bat!

  10. wow  

    Bwog did not actually go to this? How hard can it be to "cover" something that happens in the middle of college walk in the middle of the day?? (p.s. journalistic tip: no club will ever tell you their event was a failure - not that this was, but come on Bwog)

  11. why  

    is this not just as objectionable as some of the College Republican ploys? I mean - what was up the the Bush mask and the world pinata? See this bwogged earlier this week:

    • a republican i am  

      and I am not bothered by bwog's coverage disparity. Look, we live in new york city. We go to columbia university. Republicans are in the minority. so what? If bwog wants to schlob the knob of the dems, and flog the repubs, let them. That is their choice. They are not obliged to be "fair and balanced" (i don't even think that they are allowed to use that term). They are not bound to some high standards of even-handedness. just ball up and move on. I am getting tired of fellow repubs whining all the damn time about liberal media crap.

    • Stephen  

      We had a publicity stunt that poked fun at people who ignore major problems in order to promote the "meat" of the event, which was a postcard drive to Bloomberg with the worthy goal of making New York more energy efficient through the use of LED lights. We also had pledges that will hopefully help lessen the carbon impact of those on campus. In contrast, the College Republicans events in question poked fun at the major problems themselves and offered no real solutions. This is the difference, and ignoring them in the name of "equal coverage" would be dishonest and irresponsible. Thumbs up to Bwog for resisting pressure to do so.

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