Librarians That Rock

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Say goodbye to the days of Columbia as a jumbled, impossible-to-navigate bureaucracy.  We love you, librarians of Columbia.  Thank you for being our friends. 

Their “Ask Us Now” feature may be down as of this writing, but check it out: our librarians can be contacted during office hours through AIM, G-chat, Windows Live and the Yahoo one, too.  It’s also easy to forget that through Interlibrary Loan, you can obtain almost any book on your wish-list from libraries around the country in just a few days. 

According to CLIO’s site, there are 130 librarians and another 185 staff members working for the But and his pals.  How’s that for a librarian to student ratio?

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  1. what?  

    why would anyone need to contact a librarian so urgently?

    i hope i never have to instant message the library. shit.

  2. duh

    to flirt with them anonymously.

  3. and  

    this has been around for like 5 years, no?

  4. yeah they should  

    have a librarian sitting on b@b, answering all the important questions: have you jacked off today? really? how many times? do you prefer animal porn or dead babies?

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