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notebooks Bwog knows every time you lose a notebook, a little piece of you dies. On the desk in the Lerner Lobby, someone nice has collected all of the notebooks and academic-looking papers unwittingly abandoned by absentminded students. Here’s is a list of the things on the desk as of 2:30 am Saturday:

Daniel Lomm’s midterm

Stephen Carbonaro’s University Writing folder

A tiny pink Morning glory notebook

August Pozgay’s Lit Hum notebook

Felipe’s Accounting problem-set

Daniel’s navy blue notebook

A blue french folder

2 green spiral notebooks

A Mashi maro folder

Finders keepers!

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  1. meee  

    None of them are mine, but this is truly a great service. Thanks Bwog.

  2. hey!  

    two of those people live on my floor!

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