Photoessay: Autumn

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Photos and commentary by Bwog Photographer Sumaiya Ahmed.

This Autumn sort of passes at times without my notice. But one day, my CC class decides to savor global warming outside and I remember my camera.
On my way to Arabic class in Kent, I want to take pictures, but I wonder maybe my camera shouldn’t get wet. There are leaves on the window sill, headlights smear the cobblestone paths of college walk. A few minutes early for class, I keep snapping pictures of people under umbrellas outside and can’t decide which frame shows the expansive quality of our piazza best. I settle on this one because I like the yellow light that says hello from a window in Journalism on the left. There are days the light is so crisp, the pictures take themselves. There is the bareness that welcomes winter, the typical silhouettes.

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  1. also  

    Let's have more of them. Come on, Bwog, get a Flickr account like all the cool kids.

  2. the police  

    "I wonder maybe my camera shouldn't get wet"

    Why, Bwog, why? Why let such elegant writing be marred by such questionable syntax? Perhaps:

    "I reflect that maybe..."
    "I realize that maybe..."
    "I recognize that maybe..."

  3. so,  

    how much do i love sumaiya??

  4. wow.  

    let's try to make sure this doesn't happen again.

  5. those pictures  

    arent too good.

  6. indeed  

    "There are days the light is so crisp, the pictures take themselves."

    I understand this as an excuse for the questionable quality of the pictures above. Obviously not one of those days.

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