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Congratulations to the just-announced 2007 Spectator Managing Board! Bwog estimates it’s number 131 or so. Now, go produce some articles so we can QuickSpec you.

specThe lineup:

Editor in Chief: John Davisson

Publisher: John Mascari

Managing Editor: Amanda Erickson

News Editor: Erin Durkin

News Editor: Josh Hirschland

Opinion Editor: Oriana Magnera

Sports Editor: Jon Tayler

Sports Editor: Jonathan August

A&E Editor: Andrew Martin

Photo Editor: Francis Bartus

Copy Editor: Ian Corey-Boulet

Production Editor: Lana Limon

Production Editor: Irene Chen

Finance Director: Lauri Feldman

Sales Director: Marissa Lalli

Alumni Director: Amanda Murphy

EIC, The Eye: Alex Gartenfeld

ME, The Eye: Sadia Latifi

Deputy Publisher, The Eye: Grace Chan

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  1. hmmm  

    a list so nice they posted it twice?

  2. Excellent line-up  

    Speaking as someone who almost never gives spec management any slack, it's hard to imagine a better choice than John Davisson for Editor-In-Chief.

  3. fun with facebook  

    can bwog do facebook links for each name?

  4. yes  

    fun with facebook IS lazy, also can you think for me also?

  5. wtf  

    is john davisson? was he an editor this year?

  6. john  

    he was an associate news editor this year. he's exceedingly qualified and he'll do a great job, but yes, it's a pretty unorthodox jump (so a huge honor)

  7. Where  

    is owen heary on this list? Did he apply for anything?

    • well  

      the failed eic candidates usually get shafted. look at jimmy for example. he's an amazing reporter, but steve snagged the eic position, the other MB positions filled up, and he was left to become "training editor."

  8. bleh  

    who is john davisson?

  9. what  

    ever happened to la pagina?

    • Meléndez  

      The La Página editor is a member of the deputy board, which will be turkey-shot for and announced next week.

      We're still in the running, have great ideas for next semester and invite anyone who can to contribute.

      Sorry for taking up this space for a house ad, kids.

      -Eleazar Meléndez
      (Lame Duck) Editor, La Página

  10. owen hearey  

    applied for editor in chief. obviously, he didn't get it.

  11. Hmm  

    Owen is a very good journalist, that's too bad. But John will do a great job, no doubt.

  12. hmm  

    interesting that almost all the male section editors are named john, or some variant of it. what ever happened to name diversity?

  13. q + a  

    who is alex gartenfield?

    can we have bios, some analysis of the race, some insider comments?

    come on, bwog!

  14. Larry

    alex's last name is gartenfeld. that you would anglicize the spelling would seem to suggest some sort of insidious racist agenda.

  15. More  

    I want stories of heartbreak for those who were not elected. Report!

  16. bring back miriam  

    BOoooooooo! Booooooo! Boooooooo!
    We want Datskovsky! We want Datskovsky!

  17. annie  

    yay! francis made photo editor! that's enough incentive for me to start reading the spec on a daily basis again, if only to see what photos were picked ^^.

  18. columbian  

    John Davisson is a good choice.

  19. francisfan

    Yay francis! Yay CUE!

  20. a peer  

    congrats, sadia!

  21. Sprinkles  

    *obligatory sex column comment*

  22. Sprinkles  

    Also, I think Jimmy got the last laugh - he's writing for the Daily News. Millions of New Yorkers see him name. In my unpaid opinion, that's a lot cooler (and better-paying) than being high-up at a college paper.

  23. can someone  

    sum up the relative attractiveness of the selected?

  24. Vicky  

    Question: Is there a black male on Spectator's staff? Yes the masthead is almost all white, but that got me thinking I've never seen a brotha writing for Spectator lately even below mb position.

  25. jontayler  

    Jon Tayler is actually Hispanic.

  26. sportsfan  

    Jon August is hotter than Jon Tayler.

  27. hughes  

    I think they are both gay

  28. umm...  

    i've got a feeling that the spec is still going to suck no matter how many friends post comments on bwog.

  29. err...  

    Spec doesn't suck.

  30. whoa  

    did fern diaz not run for a mb position?

  31. Former MB member

    There's a big difference between being a good reporter and a good editor, which may be why both Jimmy and Owen were passed over (although I wasn't in on either of those discussions). And in Jimmy's case at least, it's clearly been better for his career to focus on reporting.

  32. fern diaz  

    did not run for an mb position

  33. STOP  

    This thread is dead, stop commenting. You're just being provocative.

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