Week in Review – Distraction edition

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It’s starting to get a little too serious around here for Bwog—luckily, enough ridiculous things happened this week to keep us from wilting of stress.

view– Y’all came back from Thanksgiving, bearing tales of debauchery and disillusionment

– We entertained ourselves with star-studded tree lightings and invigorating staircase sprints, and got some culture after indulging in a few x-rated romps

–  It wasn’t all tea and cake. Those scientific abstracts took time, but not as much as our housing applications, and oh yeah–the world is ending!

– Turns out cheating isn’t limited to grad students. But our faith in humanity was restored by those lovely librarians.

– Groups get their synergy on, scribblers get new leaders, and the greeks get mocked



  1. Wow  

    Gawker posted the stuff about the two Greeks who took out personals on this site? Let that be a lesson to the rest of us. Jesus.

  2. copy editor  

    disillusionment. Spell check, guys.

  3. how  

    do you get up to the top of the low rotunda like that?

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