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  1. Anonymous

    I love that some opinion columnist complained about the lack of Asian-American studies classes in the spring, failing to note that the English Department is offering "Asian American Literature and Culture." Paging a factchecker!

    • money, not the sham

      They'll go through his file with a fine-toothed comb after reading that story. Speaking as someone who barely scrapes by on full-time $20/hour at GS + loans, loans, loans; there is no way he is surviving without help from mommy and daddy.

      Unless he has some fat inheritance that he's living off of and he's so cheap that he'd fake a marriage (risking potential alimony payments from a divorce) to scam GS for a 11,000 a year for two years.

      Maybe the marriage isn't technically against the code (possibly against the honor code) but lying about your finances will get you cut off from FAFSA, GS scholarships etc. Anyone who's willing to fake a marriage will go pretty far to fuck the school, and I'm sure they know it.

  2. No thanks  

    The Man Law commercials aren't funny and Miller Lite isn't potable.

  3. Aide  

    The David story was extremely poorly fact-checked, and it appears there might have been a typo or two. Daily intake really went from $15,000 per store to $500? Are we sure there's not an extra zero in there? $15,000/day is pretty damn good for selling snow globes.

    Also, Columbia does not treat a $90 payment per week that is "salary" significantly differently from any other transfer; a fixed percentage of student income is expected to be used for the student contribution, regardless of the source. Moreover, this article contains enough identifying information for the financial aid office to easily punish the student if they wanted to, which in any case the family's machinations don't seem to deserve, since I doubt they helped much in the overall package at all. What I find annoying is the kid's scheming attitude, when he could have just taken a seat with a financial aid officer and explained his situation.

  4. Reader  

    Do you think it possible for anyone to come up with a more shrill and overwrought response to the possibility of Columbia expanding? The article started with a conciliatory acknowledgement of the need for the expansion, but then utterly failed to suggest any alternative means for doing so other than the ones it condemns. And there's wholly unsubstantiated speculation, to boot!

  5. Non trad swindler

    He must still be getting $$$ from his family, no way can he live off $8/hr in NYC. He's retarded for having this run in the Spec, BTW

  6. NTS

    Because GS classes are small, there can't be more than like 5 or 6 married 22 yr olds in the school. Would be worth the 11,000 for the office to track him down, if he isn't expelled or suspended for breaking some academic code

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