Revenge of the Nerds?

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A tipster wrote in to alert Bwog to an apparent SEAS conspiracy brewing at Google Labs. The image of Columbia’s campus on Google Maps is overlaid by “Columbia Univ – School of Engineering” while “Columbia University” is confined to 120th & Broadway, somewhere in the neighborhood of Pupin.

We knew SEAS had been stepping into the spotlight under Dean Galil, but we didn’t know he had launched some sort of coup against the powers-that-be in Low before shipping out to Tel Aviv. Our informant concludes otherwise: “Looks like the old question about the engineering school as the ‘back door’ into the university has finally been settled — by Google.”


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  1. SEAS complex  


  2. The only backdoor  

    too Columbia is through the Buttler.

  3. the Man  

    backdoor = barnard

    • cc student  

      or living in a sparsely populated state! or having some very specific talent! that the university sees a need for. shit, you know what? i guess every single motherfucker who applied to this school and got in that did not apply from the most competitive prep school in the most competitive state got in through a back door.

      and therefore they are all worth ridiculing. because lord knows getting into college is the most important thing we will ever do.

      wanna compare sat scores? AP?! IB?!?!?!???!??!?!!??!

      lick them balls, lick them balls.

      • seas student  

        what the hell are you talking about? i can't see where the sarcasm ends and the point begins.

        while we're comparing test scores, seas has significantly higher test scores than cc or bc (though I think our acceptance rate hovers at somewhere around 25% to cc's < 10%)

  4. Listen  

    SEAS and CC have different criteria for entry. Trying to compare the schools by acceptance rate of all things, it's a pretty silly notion.

  5. look

    Columbia U is one big back door to life for people with no good looks or charm.

  6. plus

    money is a back door to life for people with no masturbation skills

  7. DHI  

    Money is a front door, as rich people do not walk around to the back of places.

  8. the real one

    the truly rich do not walk at all, but are carried on diamond-encrusted thrones by loyal, abiding servants

  9. I think

    SEAS students should continue to be quarantined in Mudd, that way only the northeast corner of campus smells bad.

    • Anonymous

      uh not funny? I would hazard a guess that the majority of Butler Library's population, during midterms and finals (the ones that sleep there, do not shower, and make a complete mess of their tiny study cubby) are CC students.

  10. I still say  

    the backdoor is the Buttler. And stop hating on SEAS. Don't hate us cause we're beautiful;)

  11. Anonymous  

    I agree with post #4, barnard = backdoor of CU. I'm not a girl. But I truly believe this. I'm sorry for anyone who's reading this and it's a barnard girl. But it's true. Let's accept it.

  12. And  

    it's a window without a view.

  13. google  

    depending on how far in you zoom it says "columbia university" in different places. at the next level from where blog zoomed, it says it on mudd, carman, and IAB. when you're all the way in, it says "columbia university" on pupin, uris, john jay, and carman.

    the whole thing's pretty funny. go seas!

  14. hmm...  

    Another wrinkle!
    Zoome out to the 5th little bar, and Columbia University, School of Engineering or otherwise disappears. CUNY, on the other hand, remains visible. Outranked again...

  15. six  

    Wow, remind me never again to use the phrase 'back door' in an email to Bwog.

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