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cubicleLooks like Student Governing Board has got a room of their own–in Student Affairs, complete with a new Associate Dean, two advisors, and a financial assistant (although they’ve since been ironed out, SGB has a definite history of fiscal difficulties). According to a press release today, the SGB governing board is happy with how things worked out, and it looks like they played it well: by getting a “financial and managerial” commitment from Provost Brinkley and President Bollinger, they effectively nullified any objections to the staffing hike and independent office from Dean of Student Affairs Chris Colombo. Financial processes will be preserved–you’ll still be able to get your funding voucher for a hastily-arranged event on short notice, without going through ABC-style paperwork. And the SGB governing board gets a say in the job description and hiring process of the new associate dean.

It worked out “better than expected,” said Brett Murphy, B ’07, a member of SCEG. But, she noted, “it’s not how the administration should make decisions. I’m still wary of it.”

Some groups will be sad to leave the Chaplain’s office, even with the new cozy digs. CU Marching Bander John Shekitka, C ’07, is a little worried about the idea of dealing with religious groups in the bureaucratic universe of Lerner Hall. “In a way such a move, I think, is a statement about the place of religion, suggesting that it can be understood and regulated by the same type of folks who handle ABC and SDA etc.,” he wrote in an e-mail. 

Bwog encourages vigilance! And hope there will continue to be Saigon Grill-catered Town Halls.


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  1. Fact Checker  

    Uh, Bwog, "John" Shekitka C'07 is some religion/history major. You must have him confused with CUMB Head Manager Emeritus Rudy Shekitka C'07.

    Honestly, I expect this type of crap from Spec, but I would have hoped that you guys would get it right.

    • John 'Rudy' Shekitka  

      Just to clarify, my comments on this matter concerning SGB are in no way connected with my role as a member of the Columbia University Marching Band. The CUMB is not under the auspicies of the SGB.

      My role in this comes through my work with the Augustine Club which is and SGB recognized group.

  2. Sprinkles  

    All you acronyms are the same to me...

  3. sgb  

    For the record: we haven't catered Saigon Grill in quite some time. This time we went with Cottage, and last year it was all Indian food.

  4. bwog's number

    Is Bwog singular or plural? Or does Bwog, as he/she/it/they both "encourages" and "hope", simply transcend human understanding?

  5. Columbian  

    The food at the SGB move Town Hall was very good.

  6. mmm  

    quickspec please k thanks.

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