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Since Bwog has been designated as the unofficial Zvi-mail chronicler, here’s another gem from our outgoing buddy at SEAS.

Hi All

In the first day of teaching evaluations we already have over 22%. Since we have about 10 days to do it, I expect to have participation be well over 200%.

So please do it soon, and win an iPod.

Thank you

Dean Galil

It’s the kind of email where you’re not sure if the grammar is right or wrong…

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  1. oh Zvi...  

    how we will miss you and your Zvimails... Can Quigley pick up the slack?

    • quigley  

      will not descend from his olympos save on those few delectable occasions when he deigns bid us cc students well with his carefully-calculated wit in order to ensure we have nothing but perfectly preserved memories to associate with his name once it is born aloft on the letterheads of financial aid solicitations.

  2. Shaka Khan  

    I got a email from quigley saying if i dont stop downloading music id get sued. It was one of those emails where he does
    Dear X

    and it reads from a list to flll in X

  3. quiggs  

    sophomore year I lived in claremont and we'd get emails all the time from quig's secretary telling us about how he lived next door and could see us on the roof and that there would be consequences if we got up there and kept him up at night...

  4. Jean  

    Oh Galil is overrated.

    • disagree  

      [insert red [email protected] arrows here]

    • Chris  

      Yes. He is, what's so great about him? So I'm out silly emails, big whoop. I hope we get a more serious replacement.

  5. watcher  

    Bwog's role as official Zvi-mail chronicler is picked up on in this week's Record.

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