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barnardBwog isn’t sure whether Barnard kids are all in Butler or whether they just don’t study, but it’s empty as a crypt over at Barnard’s Lehman library, and Bwog is lonely. Having trouble finding a seat for finals? Take a walk across the street! Not as many hook up nooks, but also not as many creepy grad students–a worthy tradeoff. 


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  1. DHI  

    I don't know, it could be an advantage that fewer people are there, as Butler's masses of lifeless studying people always cause me to feel loathing towards myself and all of my colleagues for being there. But I see how a giant empty building can be depressing.

    That's why I usually don't go for libraries at all, which in turn might be why I don't get that much work done.

  2. solution  

    barnard people could study at their school's own library, leaving enough room for columbia libraries' principal users to find a bloody seat.

    I mean, I have to use the stacks. I don't have a choice. come on, girls. move along.

  3. oh, please  

    ...give it a rest. And I believe you mean "principle".

  4. here here!  

    seriously-- it's freaking annoying. there's a reason they have THEIR OWN library.

  5. uh, no  

    i think principal ("first or among the first in importance or rank") is correct, not principle (which is not even an adjective).

  6. heh  

    columbia students are such dorks.

  7. actually  

    it would also be nice if the Law Students went back to their own den of misery as well. especially since undergrads can't even get into parts of the Law Library. grrr

  8. Anonymous  

    get back on your side of the street. you don't go to columbia.

  9. Oh good!

    We're back on the "everyone at Columbia has a fucking inferiority complex because deep down they realize that their entire student body isn't that great." And I go here, people. Shut the fuck up about Barnard or SEAS or NYU or whomever it is you feel like being a bitch about this week, and get a fuckin' life. Why not whip out SAT scores and see whose it bigger, too? Oh wait, in a minute I'm sure I'll be listening to percentage acceptance rates and similar irritating crap.

  10. don't  

    pull that shit. I'm talking both to "stop comparing schools man" as well as "ooh, another opportunity to bash barnard" people. that's not what this is about. this is about fair and equal distribution of library seats. law students- we know most of your briefs aren't going to include citations from the t.s. eliot letters or whatever there is in the stacks. go back to your toaster. barnard- most of you are humanities majors and don't need the stacks either. you can read your jane austen novels or whatever across the street. seas- don't get me started. sipa, for the love of god, your giant and somewhat cool library is always empty.

    just bloody let me get a seat in butler where I can go back and forth to the stacks without having to actually sit IN the stacks and sacrifice wireless. one would think being admitted to this school- to ALL our schools, would grant one the privilege of being able to carry out basic research/homework/etc. the abuse of libraries has made this issue chronic. stop before we're forced to implement a barnard guest policy like we have for the dorms.

    • since when

      do humanities majors not use the stacks? they still keep books in the stacks, right? many of them related to humanities fields?

      • beh  

        if you're a lit or philosophy major and not a grad student chances are your essays and reading revolve around assigned texts anyway- which you purchase or get on reserve. and if you're a barnard student, chances are some of your classes are at barnard, so a lot more of these people should be using barnard reserves and the barnard library...

  11. comparing schools

    I gotta say, that's pretty much crap. If they don't need the stacks, why are they in crowded, outlet-sparse, food-illegal Butler and not a more hospitable library? For example, Business is friggin' comfortable.

    Not that more seats wouldn't be helpful. But "move along, girls" is pretty friggin' condescending and response-worthy (whomever said it). Hit "Previous Post" a few times, y'know? It gets pretty irritating.

    • dammit

      "whoever." now my whole argument is moot.

    • business  

      it's ugly, loud, and has fewer private study spaces than butler.

      you're forgetting the number one reason people go to butler- it's what passes for social life here. have a research project? grab 14 of your friends from sulzberger and study! anyone who's anyone spends evenings in 403. etc. therein lies the problem.

  12. come on

    The second floor of the Barnard library is usually pretty creepy & empty. I bet that the reading room on the first floor which is much better lit & generally nicer was much more crowded at the same time this picture was taken.

  13. yup yup  

    the barnard girls should study in the barnard library. el fin. but i cant help feeling bad--i mean, their library is kinda depressing. It's like comparing a BIG SCRUMPTIOUS CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE (butler) with a ooey-gooey pallid spoonful of tasti-d.

  14. Gah

    In fact, you should have to get a hand stamp that fades after an hour every time you check out a book. Anyone without a stamp will be shot or deported to a sister library.

    Or you could just deal with there being people in the library. Bonus question: why are people so against there being ONE place at this school where other people are around? Crowding in the reading room is the only time anybody ever pays attention to each other -- or, hell, even shares a room at this place during daylight hours.

  15. peace keeper  

    Can't we all just get along?
    There is a plethora of libraries gracing Columbia's campus. Ever heard of Avery? Kent? The business library?

  16. rp  

    is butler the only 24 hour library though? or are business, avery, etc also open all night?

  17. i believe  

    the main attraction of butler is that it's open 24 hours.

  18. shira  

    barnard library is charming in its own weird little way. I've only been there once or twice, and I'm not sure how likely I'd be to go there if it were 24-hr (butler is so much more convenient for that), but it's sort of cozy and ... strange ... and sometimes I like that in a library. like lehman but not as useful.

  19. I thought  

    Avery was open all night, but maybe I'm making that up.

  20. avery  

    is open until 11pm. which makes life difficult when you need to use their non-circulating collection.

  21. Tune 'em out

    Like me, you should all learn to study quietly at your desk by lamplight in your Carman double while your roommate has friends over and turns off the lights so they can watch movies and feel each other up.

  22. have

    -barnard's library has a lot less books than columbia's library. when writing a research paper, it's highly likely that a student would not be able to find the exact book she needs in the Barnard library. Would you really be s o cruel as to deny access to knowledge on the technicality that Barnard is a Columbia affiliate?
    -Butler and the Barnard library have different specializations -- certain topics are easier to research in the Barnard stacks, others in the stacks at Butler.
    -To whomever said that Barnard students take Barnard classes and should therefore be able to find all their reserved books in the Barnard library -- your argument sucks. Barnard students as a rule take advantage of the fact that they are allowed to take courses throughout the university, and hence a lot of their required books are in Butler reserves. (Columbia students who don't yet take advantage of this opportunity might want to check it out -- Barnard has some kickass professors). Also, some majors at both Barnard and Columbia require that students take classes in each college - architecture, urban studies, and mealac are the first few that pop to mind.
    -is it really worth all the effort it takes to get a seat in Butler? the finals environment there is pretty oppressive, anyway.
    -can't we all just get along?

  23. KAKADOO  

    barnard library feels like the library in anytown USA

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