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giraffeBwog came across this flyer on a lamppost on Broadway near 113th today, and immediately melted from cuteness-overload.  
Our heart goes out to this poor child—the loss of a favored toy is a tragic event, indeed.  Like the Good Samaritans we are, Bwog will do anything in its power to reunite blue giraffe with his rightful owner—so if you have any leads, email [email protected] and we’ll give you the phone number from the poster. Tally Ho!

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  1. Sprinkles  

    New York parents, FFS, get a grip.

    BUY YOUR KID A NEW ONE. Say the giraffe has been to the beauty shop and that's why he/she looks so much brighter. IT'S A THREE-YEAR-OLD. YOUR KID WILL NOT MIND.

    Also, say someone found the toy. Would you give it to your kid after it had been on the filthy sidewalk? God.

  2. Yikes  

    Someone's in a bad pre-finals mood. Lighten up.

  3. Listen, kid...  

    I feel for ya. Really, I do. But if that toy of yours has been missing for over a month, it ain't coming back, unless Mom/Dad take a trip to Toys R Us. I know you're only three years old, but maybe it's not too early to understand this: c'est la vie...

  4. I looooooove  

    articles about cuteness.

  5. ttan  

    I put that flyer up.

  6. Completely unrelated  

    Whenever I go to HamDel, I inevitably wish that besides the typical "Lewinsky" and "Clinton" and " Undergrad" fare, I could proudly exclaim my order for a "Louima" or a "Diallo" sandwich.

  7. we all know  

    that shit's in the trash

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