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  1. Copy Staffer

    'crying babies and their young children?' glad to know our infants are so comfortable with their sexuality....perverts

  2. Bwog should

    bring on a GS editor. and the comment gallery can make bets on when said GS editor was posting quickspec..

  3. shame  

    what an awful, disrespectful, regressive title for the link to the Plan B article. i'm disappointed in you, bwog.

    • X.J.  

      Bwog, #3 raises a worthwhile point. That was a shitty headline, not so much because of the gender politics of the word 'slut' (though as a male, I try to avoid its use out of a pragmatic desire not to sour the opposite sex for no good reason), but because it's factually incorrect: a slut would have to be pretty dumb to use Plan B as a regular contraceptive. It's more expensive, less effective, and contains a much harsher hormonal dose than regular hormonal contraception like the patch or the pill.

      I might add that since Plan B is often used by rape victims, some people might be especially touchy about the slut connotation.

  4. i agree  

    with #3... i normally like your titles but that one was rediculous

  5. Erf  

    Score one for slutty guys who can't put a condom on right!

  6. aesop  

    not respecting boundaries is sexier.

  7. score one for sluts  

    is a fantastic title. because only sluts have sex.

  8. how bout  

    Now your stupid friend won't screw up her life?

  9. Bwog Staff  

    We apologize for our earlier headline on the Plan B story. It was inappropriate and not funny. We have since taken it down.

  10. aesop  

    for the record, the headline was "score one for the sluts."

    why bwog gotta be all frail now?

  11. Lost your license

    To talk shit about anyone by taking down that headline. For shame.

  12. I don't understand  

    the second headline. Is that a joke about "deleting" an embryo?

  13. It was both!

    C'mon, be honest! The headline was both funny (to some) AND inappropriate and offensive (to others). You just have to decide how diplomatic you're going to be. Obviously it has some truth to it, even if sluts do use condoms, sometimes condoms bust, and sluts have more sex than other people therefore they have more busted condoms, so they might be particularly happy about Plan B! On the other hand, I completely agree that this is totally totally offensive towards rape victims and developing a bad reputation around Plan B would be unfair to them. The responsible thing to do would be to have a two links: one that links directly to the article and one that links to another page with the QuickSpec headline which then links to the article. Fair's fair.

  14. Holy Shit  

    Bwog, your second headline is brilliant.

  15. yes  

    the headline was certainly offensive to rape victims. but also, what everyone has overlooked so far is issue of women's right to choose. part of the opposition to Plan B's over-the-counter approval-- not to mention abortion-- was an argument that women will 1) purposefully use it as contraception, and 2) become more sexually promiscuous because they will feel there are no consequences. a headline like "score one for the sluts," without a doubt, perpetuates that degrading and insulting myth.

  16. Erf  

    IvyGate's headline for the article:
    "Forget pull-and-pray, we've got Plan B!"

  17. How about  

    "When concent is a turn off...there's always plan B"

    Much better title. Stop being so spineless Bwog and don't give in to thin skinned Dr. Spock-raised pussies. The orignial title was funny...know why? I laughed pretty hard and so did a bunch of other people. If you can't stand the heat stay the fuck off the blog.

    • wow  

      i'm still surprised, after 3 and a half years, by how many assholes go here.

      • Hey sweet cheeks  

        I only said that "when singing is a turn off there is always Plan B" You judgemental bitch I never used "s" as in "consent" I said "concent" Can't you read or did the roofie not wear off yet?

        • hmm  

          i stand corrected. you're so not an asshole...

        • yeah right  

          you're seriously trying to say your choice of "concent" to mean "singing" was not supposed to allude to "consent"?

          nice try.

          • Wow

            with deductive skills like that you almost had me jumping out of my chair yelling "you're god damn right I ordered the code red." No shit sherlock.

          • well  

            then why this:

            "I only said that 'when singing is a turn off there is always Plan B' You judgemental bitch I never used 's' as in 'consent' I said 'concent' Can't you read or did the roofie not wear off yet?"

            -- which essentially claims you were not being an asshole, but just funny. stick to one argument, kiddo.

            and maybe get a little xanax for all the hostility. it's probably distracting for you during finals.

      • wow  

        i'm still surprised, after 3 and a half years, by how students here expect this place to be asshole free. Why are you surprised by assholes?

    • DHI  

      I believe the saying is "stay the fuck out of the INTERNET KITCHEN of the FAST FOOD FOOD RESTAURANT near an EXIT WITH A FOOD SIGN off the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY."

      Becuase "blog" doesn't imply any literal "heat," but "kitchen" doesn't make sense in reference to Bwog unless you use a convoluted analogy.

  18. lame bwog  

    you definately lost your right to criticize those who fail to uphold the first amendment with your after the fact self-censorship.


  19. Jeez

    Bwog becomes addictive when there's so much anger around. How am I supposed to get any work done with comments like #27?

  20. wirc  

    The "sluts" headline was stupid. Forget too offensive to be funny - I don't give a fuck about that. It's a played-out joke that went nowhere and had no punchline. It's funny if you make the joke with friends, but try to put some effort in it when you "publish" it.

  21. Michael RIchards  

    has some pretty funny jokes.

    just sayin

  22. the new  

    headline is damn funny and clever, intentionally or not.

  23. bleh  

    So what did you guys think of the congress's new ideas for education?!

  24. Are you  

    tired of never getting any? being rejected? Even by average-looking girls with small breasts? Stealing cafeteria napkins for your nightly "sessions"? Relief is in sight!
    New, from the people who brought you Plan B, try Plan C! What is plan C? Why, just what it sounds like, friend! Plan C, also known by the experts as Chloroform, is a PROVEN and EFFECTIVE contrarejective/ proconsentive treatment!

    Plan C is not intended to prevent, cure, or treat any disease (unless you're sick of not getting laid!). These statements HAVE been evaluated by the FDA ::wink wink::

  25. HEY  

    if y'all are going to make fun of miriam or fern week in and week out, it's a little hypocritical of you to change your headline.

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