Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire…

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chesnutsFree chestnuts, hot cocoa, holiday cheer and school spirit at the tree lighting outside on College Walk in 35 minutes!

Update 6:21 PM: It’s dark now, and there are a lot of people milling around with cups of scalding hot chocolate, mobbing tables of marshmallows while holiday a capella is broadcast on loudspeakers (Bwog almost brought one tumbling down by tripping over a cord).

We’re told there’s supposed to be a big log around here somewhere. 

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  1. also  

    While you're at it, don't forget to stop in later tonight for the Chowdah vs. Klaritin Comedy Showdown Extravaganza!

  2. a fan  

    Also, everyone knows that it's Bwog's birthday today! Happy Birthday Miss!

  3. secular santa  

    what was with the religious carols being sung before the lighting? i basked in the glory of what was an avril lavigne serenaded tree lighting last year. what happened to columbia's secular pride?

  4. If you're  

    interested in Columbia's secular pride, see XMAS: A Secular Spectacular. This Tuesday. Roone. 7:30pm. Free. Okay.

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  6. hmm  

    can someone please decipher what the "representative of the faculty" said in his speech?? It was....incomprehensible but I think he was saying something about....light? while quoting songs? and poems? In free verse? ....the fuck?

  7. i like religion  

    Why can't you be a proud secularist and let other people have their religion?

    I am personally agnostic, but I like religion, for other people. I agree with Marx, its the opiate of the people, and I like the masses as docile as possible.

  8. xmas!  

    people in butler disapproved of the noise level. bunch of scrooges. bahumbug.

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