1. Not to mention  

    That Columbia students already get free admission to MoMA, so a membership is kind of pointless unless you're dating an NYU kid.

  2. buah!  

    Whhy is Topanga on the cover of the Eye?

  3. wow  

    bee shaffer finally did something for the eye. perhaps mother will be proud.

  4. ...  

    like college students can really afford a $1300 scarf from bergdorfs

  5. oh my god  

    that is topanga

  6. Actually  

    It is not "Topanga." It is a Barnard junior.

  7. courtney love

    I think the Eye has presented a very balanced Gift Guide.

  8. gowb

    That is Christina Grammenos, racists.

    Why can't bwog readers afford a 1300 dollar scarf? How will this site ever convince advertisers of its viability if it can't assemble a respectably earning readership?

  9. what  

    ever happened to "la pagina"?

  10. Anonymous

    The Eye has lost even more credibility by knocking Little Miss Sunshine and telling students to order $500 gifts for their parents.

  11. truly  

    I love - LOVE - the chutzphah in suggesting that students buy a recommendation-writing professor a $890 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary set.

  12. Bliss Spa ooh lala  

    i currently have $200 in my bank account...i guess i'll just give up eating next semester so that i can afford all of these gifts for friends and family. at least i'll then be thin enough to be in vogue.

  13. Anonymous  

    Did no one read the introduction? It says think of the expensive gifts as inspiration--not go buy them!

  14. C'mon

    Stop being so melodramtic. $200 will buy you three top ramen meals and a piece of fruit each day for the entire semester.

  15. Sprinkles  

    How about a gift guide that gives suggestions we can actually work with? Student publications are supposed to appeal to students, not investment bankers.

  16. DHI  

    An interesting article.

    Seeing as it was written by someone named "Bee," I was expecting something more along the lines of "Get them a cereal with a big taste. Honeycomb's big, yeah yeah yeah. It's not small, no no no" which would not actually be a bad gift idea.

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