Yuletide cometh, and goeth

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harpBwog correspondent Addison Anderson was there. 

I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but Dean Quigley read an (the best) excerpt from Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” for about fifteen minutes to a rapt audience, and repeatedly told us to keep an eye out for friendly ghosts of Columbia’s past.  Then some administrators started giving each other awards so I grabbed a truffle from the truffle man and left.

More lovely photos from Sumaiya Ahmed after the jump. 































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  1. this event  

    is always so bizarre. as a student, I'm invited like 29382 that week via email, but feel so excluded with the place crowded with administrators. and then there's that whole thing about the yule log bearers only allowed to be male...

  2. Lydia  

    That rumor has actually turned out to be false--I was cruelly decieved. Although I am now thrilled with the prospect of carrying a large hunk of wood in a Revolutionary War costume...

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