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blogWow, that was fast. Those self-deprecating charmers over at Ivygate, BW alum Chris Beam and former Spectator Editor-in-Chief Nick Summers, have landed a nomination for a 2006 Weblog award in the Educational category (!). In a field of ten, they’re currently trailing only–now ask yourself, which one will actually help you get through the next two weeks? Click on over and vote, and when you feel like checking on how they’re doing, vote again. Because we all like to see snotty college grads come out on top. 

Plus, check out Chris’ paternal death match!


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  1. Michael Bérubé

    No love for a snotty Columbia grad from '82? Oh, how soon you all forget.

  2. berube  

    enough of you, you got your cameo in columbia college today with the whole doorman thing.

  3. Alum

    Holy crap bwog - I love the blog, but would it be too much to ask to get your friggin' RSS feed to work *correctly*??

    Titles in an RSS field shoudn't take you to a HTTP 404 page, and the QuickSpec? Kind of useless if you don't use the correct links - the ones with media.www.columbiaspectator don't work so well from the RSS feeds.

    Come onn - help a girl out!

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