Phi Beta Hatas–taking facebook for granted?

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pbkEvery November, two percent of the senior class is initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa society on the strength of their junior year grades and faculty recommendations, branding themselves forevermore as Very Smart People. The other eight percent are elected in the spring, but these lucky kids get a leg up on their job applications and one of the nicest Christmas presents an ambitious Columbia College student could ask for. This year’s class, reprinted after the jump, is composed of 25 percent Econ/Math majors and 40 percent people without Facebook profiles. The question is this: are they too studying too hard to use Facebook or just too smart to leave electronic footprints ?


Arun Chandrasekhar

Terence Choy

Maria Coelho

Clay Cordova

Jonathan DePeri

Caryn Epstein

Christopher Fasano

Daniel Fridman

Maryl Goldberg

Jessica Gordon-Burroughs

Subash Iyer

Jonathan Kief

Nicholas Klagge

Claire Lackner

Casey Levine

Lauren Pardee

Lara Silberklang

Allison Turza

Daniel Wulin

Kira Yugay

Congratulations, all!

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  1. confused  

    I don't really understand the election process & nomination form. My GPA is very high, and I have challenging courses, but I do not really go around telling my friends what my grades are, etc. Am I supposed to start telling my friends about my 4.0+ GPA and imply that they nominate me? I don't really understand this system. I would like to be nominated in the Spring, but I don't really want to have to campaign.

  2. phi bete

    Faculty nominate you.

  3. Phi Beta Crab

    I heard they couldn't find anyone in GS for PBK this year, so they're gonna cancel their chapter

  4. Bwogdidn't get in  

    "are they too studying too hard to use facebook"

  5. WHY  

    isn't "Facebook" capitalized? And why do you have to use two hyphens instead of one dash??

  6. lame prestigewhore  

    does anyone know what kind of grades these kids are getting? are we talking 4.0? 4.05? 4.1? 4.33?!?

    and are they based on junior year grades alone or all grades up through junior year?

    i know it's sort of gross to ask, but inquiring minds want to know. i suppose if they aren't on facebook, they aren't reading the bwog, but i thought i'd ask...

  7. phi bete

    it's all about faculty recs. i knew kids with 4.0s shut out and 3.7s who got in

  8. hahahaha

    hahahahhaaa omg I'm still dying at your spin, bwog. I have to say that I have really always wondered if the people with the highest grades use facebook at all, or if it really is just for us losers...

    The percentage of PBK winter nominees with facebook profiles is exactly the sort of thing that is interesting and I want to know.

    Thanks, bwog!

  9. bah  

    " 25 percent Econ/Math majors "

    ridiculous. of course you can have a 4.3 or whatever if you ace all your math and econ tests and problem sets. even the best A on a humanities paper or exam, though, is vague, and the subjectivity of the grading process will always result in anomalies like A-s and B+s. the end result? totally inarticulate valedict- and salutatorians.

  10. whatevs  

    congrats smart students!

    everyone else, stop being jealous/petty.

  11. A better question  

    I think it would be helpful just to know: what is the GPA cutoff required for faculty to be able to nominate students? I.e. what is the minimum elibility?

  12. hello  

    My friend got in with a GPA a tad over 4.0 since you're wondering.

    In response to #15, it's probably true that it's easier to get consistently good grades in math/econ/science classes than humanities classes, but I would also say it's easier to write an essay than to learn quantum physics.

  13. but  

    it depends on what the essay is about and what kind of professor it's for.

    it all comes down to what your brain is wired to do, really. if you're a math kind of guy, you're not going to be as good at philosophy and the like, and vice versa too.

  14. mathtype

    I think there's actually a very close intellectual relationship between philosophy and math, and there are quite a few people who excel at both. But I don't know a lot of Math-French Lit. double-majors with 4.0's.

    I'm also dying to know what the GPA's of Phi Beta Kappa inductees are. Also, does anyone know the rough guidelines for Latin honors?

  15. cum este lauder  

    cum laude: having a pulse
    magna cum laude: "adequate" fellatio technique as rated in the core guidelines
    summa cum laude: virginity

  16. columbiaissolame  

    this is such a lame discussion. why don't you all knock by a valium and relax.

  17. columbiaissolame  

    this is such a lame discussion. why don't you all knock back a valium or two and relax.

  18. PBK  

    Caryn's all smart and shit. Talk about it.

  19. stat breakdown?  

    i'd love to know the racial, religious, economic, educational (private vs. public hs), etc. breakdown of phi beta inductees

  20. Asians  

    are underrepresented

  21. sexmuch?  

    what percentage of these college seniors have never gotten laid? i'd ballpark it at 45%.

  22. or...  

    maybe they read while having sex -- kills two birds with one stone, ya?

  23. early PBK inductee

    Class of '06. I had a GPA of 4.026 or thereabouts. I was a history major who took almost all humanities courses (history, philosophy, art history, film studies, English, French). And I wasn't a virgin.

  24. pooper  

    I didn't get phi beta kappa with a 4.19...but I did turn $100 into $50,000 playing poker online.

  25. that's  

    because you're a sophomore, you idiot. 4.19 my ass.

  26. Good News!  

    I just found out I failed two courses this semester, but I also saved a boatload on my car insurance by switching to Geico!

  27. AHHHH  

    all you little brats who have done anything but congratulate these people need to shut the fuck up. these seniors are all incredible. i am absolutely floored by their accomplishment and I admire them all a great deal. congratulations you guys, I applaud your hard work.

  28. wish i were smarter  

    i've never heard of any of these people. probably because they're holed up in butler while i'm out socializing

  29. ...  

    1. i've never heard of any of these people.
    2. i'm a senior.
    3. i'm at butler all the time and never socialize.

  30. i actually know  

    quite a few of them. more than one would expect given our class sizes and the 'smart people are recluses' hypothesis.

  31. gome

    i know one of this kids.
    went to school with him.
    quite awesome and not the stereotype whatsoever.

    so thus. quoting arnold. stop your whining.

  32. oh yeah?  

    I'll... stop *YOUR* whining.

    sigh. I'm so inarticulate. Everywhere that matters, I have something that I think, something that I feel, but I just can't express myself.

    I worry that I'm just not smart enough to ever be as good as these people. Cutting them down anonymously is cathartic for me. Please respect this :(

  33. Alum

    Doesn't 20 seem like more than 2%, or have they sneakily upped the class size in the past few years after they said they wouldn't?

  34. pbk hunter  

    i had sexual intercourse with at least 6 of them. so that's about 30% to begin with.

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