QuickSpec: We all have our flaws edition

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  1. In finance  

    SEAS FinEng/IEOR > CC Econ > Barnard > GS.

    In the senior fund, SEAS participation > CC participation > Barnard participation > GS participation.


  2. A stupid comparison

    B/c you're including all GS and Barnard majors... It doesn't surprise me about GS though. Lots of the non-keener twerp types feel totally alienated and will probably never donate anything

  3. even  

    worse than 'those non-keener twerp types' in GS are those wannabe-in-CC barnard types.

  4. Yeah

    They should burn Barnard down to the ground. Who do they think they are

  5. GS Student

    Did they correct for the fact that part-time or half-time students are Seniors for more than one year. For example, I graduate this year so I might be more inclined to give now than I was last year.

  6. GS Student

    People who are excessively keen to particpate in this case, school-related activities. Dumb slang from some movie

    • GS Student

      Also, since GS students probably pay a disproportionate amount of tuition out of pocket, should it be any surprise that they are less than delighted to hand over yet still more money to CU?

  7. uhh  

    Barnard is pretty small.. so i wouldn;t expect them to give too much anyway.

  8. yoooooo

    Barnard bitches are hotter though.

  9. Uh, Bwog...  

    I don't know if college was a four-year deal in pre-Revolution times, but assuming that it was, shouldn't your link read "...Class of 1758" instead of 1754?

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