1. i love  

    Miriam's ambiguous, there-is-no-wrong-answer columns. Either she can't form a coherent opinion on any matter (an easy task for a woman), or she is trying to appeal to EVERYONE to increase her chances of being pounded tonight.

  2. i like  

    how she starts her column with "the dictionary defines this term as..." classic.

  3. What's the word

    On the new creative writing major- is this something y'all would like to do?

  4. more clap than  

    an auditorium? Fuckin' lame.

  5. yes!

    "making out with my hot guy friend in order to give myself a definitive excuse to break up with my boyfriend freshman year may not have been the right thing to do..."

    a reference to a "hot guy friend." the miriam-strange personal life connection continues.

  6. Creative writing  

    I've always been told one shouldn't "study" creative writing. You should study English and one billion other things and write a lot. So unless someone has done that before coming to Columbia (entirely possible) I don't really thing a creative writing major is very useful or productive. Just look at the culpa reviews of creative writing classes - most people are frustrated with the type of people who take the classes (people with nothing to write about). Is that going to change? Probably not.

    • not necessarily  

      The phrases "I've always been told" and "Look at culpa reviews" suggest that we can't always trust what other people say I do think. The creative writing program builds up students as writers. There are workshops and we get different opinions from different writers and people with different perspectives than our own so that we can grow as writers and turn out work better than what it started as. By adding classes in theory for the major, it just allows us to understand certain techniques to help us even more. You learn by doing, and in the program, you do a lot...writing and critiquing improve individuals' work. Of course natural talent is necessary, but one can only get better!

  7. classic miriam

    "There is a huge, perhaps indiscernible, difference"

  8. Bullshit  

    How does the Spec choose what events they cover? Does somebody take all the events and put them up on a big dartboard? And after they throw all the darts, they take the dartboard off the wall, shit all over it, and then go to the lamest events possible?

    For example, according to the Spectator, there was no firedancing at Columbia this weekend. It never happened.

    This is why the Bwog is so necessary. The Spectator is old and busted, the Bwog is the new hotness.

  9. um...  

    bwog is old and busted too...

  10. Miriam is a genius  

    In trying to prove a graph isomorphism, one technique is to prove that the inverses of the graphs are isomorphic. This led me to an epiphany:

    Miriam Datskovsky is a genius! Rather than write a good sex column (how pedestrian!), Miriam is trying to exhaust the inverse of good writing, i.e., horrible writing, thereby leaving _only_ the _good_ writing behind.

    She must be a math major.

  11. but  

    Graph isomorphism is a computationally hard problem. Exhausting the amount of bad writing will take her an exponential amount of time.
    Graph isomorphism is in NP, because a given isomorphism can be shown in P time when given the correct "certificate". We just need to show her a good sex column!
    Obviously, she's not a computer science major.

  12. she's no  

    CS major but she DOES have more *insert audience reaction* than an *insert public area* (laughter, park).

  13. once again  

    a SEXplorations column, that has nothing to do with sex. way to go miriam dostovfuckface.

  14. DHI  

    You can't write a column about cheating without at least mentioning the possibility that it results in a murder. Hey Joe is too great a song not to mention. Blood Simple was a great movie. O.J. Simpson was a great running back.

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