High Maintenance Girl

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Bring It!What would some good security guard gossip be without some good maintenance staff gossip? From Bwogger Chris Szabla…

Girl on cell phone:“What should I say to her? What should I do? Did I do the right thing?”

CU maintenance guy walking slightly behind her and muttering to himself: “What the hell? Fucking questions, questions, questions, questions”


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  1. studious study this the quality of a bwog post we can expect during the final examination period?

    if so, please just go study.

  2. maintenance story  

    last week, I had some maintenance guy come in to check my heating. he pounded on my door as hard as he could, pushed me aside to come in, climbed on my bed with his shoes on, then took the temp of my radiator. he then yelled at me, saying that thats all the heat the building gets, and told me to close my (already closed) window.

  3. its  

    not even gossip, though. its just lame

  4. I love  

    the Janitor. Knife wrench!

  5. Elna  

    Hahaha. Appropriate picture to go with the story. Today in Butler elevator:

    Girl: "What do you mean, he wouldn't invite thoise girls and not us!"
    Girl2: "I think he did, you know."
    Girl: "But they're little skanks!"
    Man: "That's why honey."

  6. fan  

    I love overhead stuff. It's the spice of life. And also the Janitor. never fails to make me smile. good picture pick!

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