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There is way too much going on in Butler these days to be remotely bored. A sampling of the cracked out goings on:

Elevator Dance Party! At around 8:30 PM, four kids rocked out with their iPod speakers to standard indy and classic rock favorites, riding the rightmost elevator next to the computer lab to different floors where they picked up and dropped off fellow unorthodox study breakers.

Seasonal Sandwiches! You may have noticed a new offering in the Butler cafe: for $5.50, you can purchase a Christmas Sandwich (honey baked ham with grilled pineapple and sweet red peppers) a Kwanzaa wrap (roast sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and cranberry chutney), or a Chanukah wrap (corned beef brisket on potato bread with jewish mustard and pickled cabbage). Bwog contributor CML suggests something less God-fearing: “An atheist sub might contain shredded meats to represent what is being done to the moral fiber of our country, and large amounts of tofu to symbolize the lack of any ethos implicit in said doctrine.  It would be nasty, short, and brutish, with
dasf\– LBD

UPDATE 3:36AM: Apparently, Bacchanal Events paraded through Butler around 11:30, cheerfully distributing candy and stressballs while wearing Santa hats and shouting “Happy Finals!” The masses roared studious approval.

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  1. annoyed  

    they made the elavator stinky!

  2. ugh  

    apparently everyone is DYING to be bwoggable. so forced, elevator people!

  3. DHI  

    Whatever about the elevator people, let us know how are those sandwiches, I may have to go to Butler tomorrow and I will stop by if they are good.


  4. ridiculous  

    people are so ridiculous

  5. court-not  

    dear lord they were good dancers! what a break from our mediocre lives! especially that robert. what a hot piece of arse!!!

  6. shouldn't  

    the kwanzaa sandwich contain copious amounts of fried chicken and watermelon, and be riddled with at least 50 bullets from an authentic NYPD-issued firearm?

  7. ugh 2  

    those kids were really annoying.

  8. courtnot's mother  

    i'm so proud of my little girl.

  9. ...

    How crowded was Butler around 3:30 in the morning?

  10. courtnot's uncle  

    wow, screw the senior fund-- i'm donating to butler dance party! those kids, tho sweaty, really taught me how to take my overblown GPA less seriously.

  11. Dancing enthusiast

    Well, at least they had more fun than the people studying.

  12. btw  

    it wasn't for bwog. they did it last year.

  13. i know those kids  

    they are nice. they mean no harm.

  14. Mike Lynch  

    Spontaneous Butler Dance Party = Funny

  15. orgo night  

    is that tonight? haven't seen any flyers at all, only the event notice on bwog

  16. Halley  

    Actually, the dance party thing sounds AMAZING... I want one.

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