1. a broad  

    I hope I get laid while I'm abroad.

  2. not realistic.  

    I hope I get laid at home.

  3. a[nother]broad  

    i, too, plan on perpetuating the stereotype of the easy american girl while abroad

  4. So, basically  

    this thread is [email protected]

  5. At least  

    you get to go abroad. I'm going to stay here, actually, because NYC is great, and I never have time to enjoy it during the semester.

  6. Watch Out!

    Don't get any STD's when you're abroad.

  7. hmm  

    watch nobody post comments to this...

  8. sooo  

    im gonna be here a while, anyone wanna be my easy american girl for a while?

  9. arts email  

    Vaclav Havel's seven-week residency has come to an end. And then -
    maybe it hasn't. While there is no precise metric for measuring
    Havel's impact, it's hard to imagine that anyone who encountered
    this extraordinary man will soon forget him. Experiencing Havel -
    like seeing Picasso's "Guernica," or hearing your favorite love
    song - is something that lives inside you, all the more powerful
    for being impossible to quantify.

    haha whaaat?

  10. hmmm  

    Dear #13, I hope your christmas tree catches on fire and burns all your presents. If you're Jewish, I hope your menorah falls over and burns all your stupid potato latkas. If you're...whatever the hell you have to be for Kwanza...I hope an electrical fire burns down your harvest for this year. Then, on whichever religiously significant ashes are lying there, I hope each and every exam-stressed Bwog editor themselves relieves. Merry Chranukanza...asshat.

    • Hey,  

      You forgot winter solstice! Shouldn't you have made fun of druids or something? Sheesh, so un-PC! If you're going to insult a religious holiday, you have to insult ALL OF THEM!

      Person wondering why he has posted 7 times this week

  11. Still unspooling  

    Dear Bwog,

    Sometimes, at night, when nobody else is around, I think that I can hear a voice inside my head, laughing at me and how pathetic my life is. What recreational drug would you recommend to alleviate my sadistic (or masochistic?) conscience?

    The Lunatic On The Grass

  12. hmmm  

    damn, which bwog editor pissed on your Diwali candle?

  13. bwog  

    I wanna be like you when I grow up.

  14. sooo  

    I just walked by a security guard who was telling another security guard "When I see something happening, I just walk the other way. That's just more shit to write in my memo book." I mean, I'm happy that no one gives a shit about drugs and booze at Columbia, but I'd rather at least pretend that someone's paying attention to my safety. Forget Columbia Public Safety. C Maxwell is the law where I come from.

  15. if i wanted  

    an open forum i would be on [email protected]..where in fact i am right now. so since you asked for it, here goes:
    any hot ladies want to relieve some finals stress with a night of ...heart...pounding action?

  16. leave already  

    if we remember havel any harder, he might explode.

  17. haha  

    Havel is inside us. hope he's wearing a rubber.

  18. #26

    Thanks for voicing what we were all already thinking...and giving me an image that my haunt me for the rest of my natural-born life.

  19. I hope  

    it snows on Christmas Eve.

  20. Who else  

    is staying on campus during break? I'm looking forward to taking advantage of NYC with no classes and work in the way.

  21. rahhh  

    why is it only during finals that i feel like doing fun things? i feel like reading all the books i meant to read this semester and talking to all the people i wanted to talk to but could never get the nerve up for and kiss someone new and eat brownies. i'm so boring the rest of the time..

  22. why  

    I woke up this morning with a sore throat and an inkling of a cold, which has is fully developed by now. Good timing--I still have two of five exams left! At least break is soon and I will be spending most of it curled up in the arms of someone warm and wonderful. Hope you all have a wonderful break.

  23. Anon32  

    I spent some valuable study time on [email protected] this afternoon, verbally abusing racists. Anonymous is kinder, and more literate, on Bwog.

  24. does  

    everyone think about sex as much as it seems we do? Columbia is the most sexually tense place I've ever been in my life.

  25. Fuck Final  

    FUck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. to you, and me  

    good luck

  27. why am i  

    still on campus? half of my friends are at home and bored with it already.



  29. #48

    I feel frustrated. Sexually. Emotionally. Intellectually. Fuck finals.

  30. text twist  

    is my new boyfriend. I think we'll be very happy together when finals are over.

  31. Yay

    It's 3 AM and I've barely studied for my final tomorrow.

  32. Cam  

    Good luck, everyone. Work hard, do your best- it'll be okay. We're smart. Just push on a little bit further.

  33. Hvl's Bggst Fn 4Evr  

    I love Havel! He has changed my life! Ever since that CC-Wide lecture, Havel has rocked my world non-stop.

  34. a thought  

    if you're good with numbers, and would somehow be able to get the data necessary.
    do people do better on their last finals, or worse? I've always felt it's the ones that are last that everyone fails, but that may just be my experience.

    • sll  

      I was actually wondering the same thing. I bet there isn't a large difference, which would make it really hard to test b/c you would be measuring a small effect with lots of hard to measure variables. On that thought I will go back to actually studying econometrics.

  35. help  

    can somebody please motivate me

    • well...  

      there's the "it's almost over," "it'll be ok" and "sunshine and flowers and baby rabbits pool out of sewers when people finish their finals" to motivate you.
      otherwise there's just a lot of understanding, exhaustion, and old stress to accompany you on your way to the finish line.
      bon chance, mon ami. nous sommes ici.

  36. Anonymous

    I think that Avi Zenilman is REALLY hot... Like, gorgeous. It may just be my thing for really Jewish guys, but whatever. I'm in love.

  37. Woo Hoo

    You guys fixed the RSS feed - finally!!

  38. pssst, bwog  

    you should do "shopping with bwog." a bwog's guide to the sites of the city, or something. it's possible people will hate it. but then it's possible it might make them leave campus and not be angry anymore.
    just a thought.

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