1. blech  

    I doubt our fair miriam would take her friend's job, particularly after Bussel cited her in the voice

    ( http://www.villagevoice.com/people/0637,bussel,74402,24.html )

  2. why?

    why do they always pick the weekend when people are moving in to do this tedious piano sale?

  3. Columbian

    Add to list of infinite reasons why I'm happy to have escaped the unfortunate junior fate of Wien.

  4. my parents

    received a letter inviting them to come and buy. dear columbia: their finances are a stretched a little thin thanks to the pittance you call 'financial aid.'

  5. oh bwog

    i see you finally figured out how to spell wien

  6. holler

    i was hoping for some snarky coverage of the bush address...

  7. Elna  

    Pianos are nothing....Thursday morning, between 7-9am, cranes operating on 113th street between Watt and McBain. No explanation.

    And Butler's being painted.

  8. Mmm  

    There's nothing quite like sipping a nice Wein on the streets of Wien.

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