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A sharp-eyed tipster noticed that the rouguishly grizzled visage of erstwhile Artist-in- Residence Vaclav Havel has a near double: that of billionaire financier Kirk Kerkorian, a revolutionary in his own right.


Meanwhile, our man Sunil appears to have put his foot in his mouth regarding footballer David Beckham’s move to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Bwog still loves you, professor.

Plus! The long anticipated second oeuvre of Robyn Schneider, BC ’08, is now available for $15.99, and the Mao-suited GS student Michael W. has published a book on something that we probably couldn’t understand. Anyone read them? Reviews welcome.

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  1. robyn's book is out  

    fucking sweet. i am so reading that asap.

  2. also  

    why do people who view his book also view a bunch of teen books? is that /just/ because people are checking out his book and then robyn's?

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