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Classes have begun, and you’re eager to know what your instructors have in store beyond that cute introductory slide lecture. CULPA expert Owain Evans is here to help, writing Bwog to point out what he thought was a suspicious evaluation. “Was this review written by the grad student himself?” he wonders. Bwog can’t say, but this excerpt was at least somewhat of an outlier among reviews that were vaguely positive but tended to include such tips as “if you put time into this class you can do well but expect to fail the midterms” and “he thinks it is amusing when the majority of the class fails an exam”.

John Baldwin


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Calculus I

27 December 2006

John is a young research mathematician who can check caller ID while

summing Reimann subintervals. His star quality arouses nubile

tittering in the first few rows, then narrowly offset with strategic

downplay. John plants errors in his boardwork to weed out the

booksmarts, so if you’re thinking of getting some in-class doodling

done, think again! Test questions are mildly sadistic, though John

will provide ample crawl opps for those who care enough to botch the

exams. Moreover, since John’s not a generalist, he won’t offer answers

to questions you can figure on your own. But if you have inquiries

which demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity, John will be

generous with his time and brain power- count on that! Office hours

are busy and often run seminar style, so get in on it early or you

just might miss him.

Workload: Don’t think you’re off the hook as far as homework goes!

Easier problems are culled from the actual assignments, which do have

collaborative appeal…so split up the sets in your study group and

share the answers! Unless you’re feeling rigorous, well, then there’s

just no getting around hard work.

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  1. talk about obvious  

    If Mr. Evans took out time to submit that review, then I would guess he never came across this one:

    Calculus II
    12 November 2006

    Cathy O'Neil is awesome!!! PICK HER FOR CALC II!!! She will make you laugh even if the double webworks make you cry. She is probably the most animated math professor in the whole department. Her class is actually interesting. She knows who you are so you feel compelled to show up and pay attention. She will bake you cookies, yell at disgusting problems, and encourage people to solve the problems. Her husband subs for her and her kids are really cute. You will definitely walk out liking Calc II- and tell all your friends to take this course.

    Cool facts: Cathy is so cool she actually reads her culpa reviews...she even knows that she can write one herself....hmmm...

    Cathy is normal: "This problem took 2 law in order episodes to work out."

    All in all- enjoy.

    Workload: HW is 55%. 2 midterms and 1 final 15% a piece. It is good to have one final you know you can bomb. If you spend the necessary 10 hours a week on the HW- you can easily get an A. Since she cannot memorize anything and hates tests, she tries to make them as painless as possible.


  2. Cam  

    It's been edited since. Even worse now.

  3. Anonymous  

    One of my undergraduate friends on the Columbia Ultimate team sent me a link to this blog. Rest assured, I did not fabricate this or any other review. While I think that all of this (both the review and the speculation) is pretty hilarious, I don't even completely understand much of the review: "His star quality arouses nubile tittering in the first few rows, then narrowly offset with strategic downplay." or: "John is not a generalist". I don't know what these things mean. It's almost as if the entire review was generated by a computer. In anycase, I'm a bit hurt, Owen, that you'd accuse me of such a fabrication. Weren't you in the Honors Math class I TA'ed for last year? Hurt.


  4. girl

    john baldwin is so hot.

  5. john baldwin

    i am awesome!!

  6. Anonymous

    hey john do you want to come over for dinner sometime?

  7. Anonymous

    Definitely a flattering review...in a seditious way Maybe his TA wrote it to nudge him for a raise.

  8. Anonymous

    oh c'mon I really want this job! (unless you like doing all the bullshit administrative work). can I be your TA?

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