The mighty SGB hath warned thee, Prezbo!

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warningPrezbo’s December 22nd school-wide statement on “Free Speech Issues” (which managed to cover several issues, in one glorious 1,156-word e-mail) did not go over well with the kids whom it mainly addressed. Yesterday at around noon, SGB President Sakib Khan responded, in a missive half the size but with at least as much punch: Khan complained that our leader had left the student board out of the loop on a number of changes (including the institution of standardized procedures for bringing outside speakers) that amounted to a “taming of SGB.”

“No increase in funds or in square footage will ever be able to replace lost or encumbered freedom of expression as an asset to this institution.  As partners in the academic endeavor at Columbia, students have the fundamental responsibility to protect free politics, free religion and free activism.  We hope that you adopt a view of the student body as active partners in our common endeavor and begin to communicate with us equitably,” he wrote.

As of this posting, no administrator had responded. They do get a lot of e-mail.

Meanwhile, Bwog has learned that the Chaplain’s office in Earl Hall now has two staffers, down from six a month ago. There may be an explanation. Inquiries are in the works.

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