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ljkAs the months drag on, the Minuteman saga continues to unfold. A few weeks ago, we told you that eight students had been sent discipilnary letters by University Rules Administrator Steve Rittenberg. That was coming from Provost Brinkley, who said that eleven total letters had been sent, three of which went to non-students, noting that it had been “difficult” to identify the students involved. Spec reported a few days ago that the students have been charged with “simple” violations under the Rules of University Conduct, which means they got off easy–the last guy to go through this process, in 1996, was nailed with “serious” charges, chose the hearing process, and got suspended. From here, they’ll go through Dean’s Discipline, which means the worst they can get is a censure (hey, Clinton survived). But something doesn’t make sense: protest organizers knew about five letters that were sent out before October 18,  learned of a sixth on December 5 and a seventh a month later. So who’s the missing eighth transgressor?

Also, for your reading pleasure, we have recieved permission to reprint (after the jump, natch) the letter sent to defendants by the Rules Administrator. You know, in case you were planning on storming a stage anytime soon.


Office of the Rules Administrator

Rules of University Conduct

Columbia University

310 Low Library

New York, New York 10027

October 12, 2006

Dear ——–,

I have received a complaint from a member of the University that you may have engaged in conduct that violated sections 443(a)(1), 443(a)(2), 443(a)(4), 443(a)(7), 443(a)(8), 443(a)(13), 443(a)(14), 443(a)(21) and 443(a)(22) of the Rules of University Conduct (“Rules“) by participating in a demonstration in the Roone Arledge Auditorium that started at approximately 8:30 p.m. and continued until approximately 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4, 2006.  Some of these sections refer to serious violations and could lead to your suspension or dismissal from the University if you are charged and subsequently found guilty.

As the Administrator of the Rules of University Conduct, it is my responsibility to investigate this complaint.  Based on my investigation thus far, I find there is reasonable cause to believe that your conduct on the evening of October 4 may have violated some or all of the sections of the Rules cited above.  Under the Rules, you have the opportunity to meet with me or, at my discretion, an Assistant Rules Administrator before I decide whether to file charges against you.  At the meeting, you will be advised of the substance of the possible charges and given the opportunity to explain why they should not be filed.  If you wish, we can also discuss an informal resolution of the complaint.  Such a resolution would involve  your acknowledging that you violated the Rules of University Conduct.

I have scheduled your meeting with Richard Tudisco, Assistant Rules Administrator, [Nota Bwog: in later editions of the letter, Tudisco was replaced by Rittenberg himself. Otherwise, the letters are identical] for October 16, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in 105 Low Library.  This will be a personal meeting.  I may ask a member of my staff to attend, but no one else may be present.  If you are unable to attend at that time, you must call my Executive Assistant, David Klahr, no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 13, 2006 to reschedule.  If you fail to attend this meeting or to reschedule it, you will lose the opportunity to respond to the complaint before I decide whether to prepare charges against you.  Mr. Klahr’s phone  number is 854-2254.

Based on my investigation of the complaint and your meeting with Mr. Tudisco, I will determine whether any charges should be filed and, if so, whether they should be for simple or serious violations of the Rules.  I  will refer charges of simple violations to your Dean for a hearing under your School’s procedures for Dean’s Discipline.  Charges of serious violations may, at your option, be reviewed under Dean’s Discipline or by a  Hearing Officer in accordance with procedures set forth in the Rules, a copy of which is enclosed.

You should be aware that if you engage in any activity that is impermissible under the Rules while this complaint is under review, it may  be taken into account in considering the sanctions to be imposed if you are found guilty of a violation.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Rittenberg

Rules Administrator

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  1. VVV

    If I received this letter in the mail, I'd pee in my pants with anxiety and worry.

  2. ironic  

    rittenberg...hiring a thug to makesure mob-rule never happens again at columbia

  3. umm  


    you mean University senior vice provost and east asian historian Dr. Stephen Rittenberg?

  4. Chris Kulawik?  

    The 8th Transgressor?

  5. you know  

    I'd love to see "The 8th Transgressor" become part of some folk song about Columbia.

    Gather round children it won't be a bore
    to hear the tale of the 8th transgressor
    That ghostly protestor so wily and quick
    that he avoided censure's stick

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