Manhattanville… Solved!

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If you have been following the news in even the vaguest capacity over the past few
waste years, or if you’ve ever tried to get a computer in Lerner around 1 PM, you’re aware of the major space crunch Columbia is experiencing. But who needs to move into Manhattanville when you have the garage below Uris, with a carport-sized space devoted entirely to old computer monitors? (Even without the old iMacs, we know that’s the purpose because of the snazzy signs Columbia made up). Bwog recommends a new freshman dorm, and perhaps a Jamba Juice franchise, for the space.

More computer-riffic pictures after the jump!

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  1. ugh  

    what wasteful inefficiency! and beneath the business school, to boot. where's DuceMusso when you need him?

  2. perhaps

    Blue and White office?

  3. this is...  

    the best bwog post in a while.

  4. old fogey

    i think it's because the city won't pick up old monitors; you have to dispose of them yourself.

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