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Tipster Bobby Brennan writes:

“There’s a sketchy high school senior wandering College Walk in a trenchcoat offering anyone $800 to take the Biology SAT II right now.”

Hmm… sound familiar? At this point, we’re convinced Fox News is just setting Columbia students up for an expose. Trenchcoat? You can do better than that, O’Reilly.

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  1. X.J.  

    A friend of mine says that [someone purporting to be] a high school kid in a trenchcoat approached him and asked if he would take a survey. This sounds pretty sketchy to me.

  2. gaba  

    i'm really tempted to go for it and get every question wrong...i'm good enough at biology to be able to know all the wrong answers, but not the right ones, and those trenchcoat kids are the ones i used to fuck with in high school. good thing i didn't get shot, so i can take their money now.

  3. I'd so  

    do it. I never meet these people. But $800 for an hour of work is way more than I could make tutoring someone for hours on end only to watch them fail miserably.

  4. Erf  

    Confirmed -- He asked me too.

  5. yeah  

    it's definitely fox news. they need lives.

  6. mmm2  

    We should seriously catch them red-handed, concocting this crap. Think of a scandal; they'll predictably bite, then reveal the elaborate plan behind the "scandal" to make asses of Fox. It'll be fun times.

  7. does fox  

    news read Bwog? just wondering.

  8. i think  

    bobby brennan is hot!

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