We’ll read it in the paper tomorrow. Really.

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soijBwog would be covering the State of the Union, but we decided to outsource it to the Dems and watch Veronica Mars instead. Meanwhile, political junkies watch it in the Lerner Piano Lounge. It’s jointly sponsored by the Dems and the Republicans–stand, applaud, sit, repeat!


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  1. Team Logan  

    Yay Veronica Mars!

  2. subway man  

    the subway savior was there. I was aghast. the fact that harlem and not some heartland county in oklahoma registers is the real testament to the dems' newfound majority.

  3. VM!  

    Veronica Mars is SO superior to listening to Bush speak... course Veronica Mars is superior to everything....

  4. i disagree  

    the real testament is that the dems' newfound majority resonates in heartland counties too. if we continue to believe new york is the only place progressivism can thrive, dem glory will be only a microscopic blip on our political radar screen.

    • bah  

      if we have the dems and the repups worshipping at the same heartland altar all the time, people in harlem will get shafted whatever party is in power. it's good to see some attention given to the nation's coastal urban centers where so many of us live.

  5. pfft

    Can they please hold the applause til the end?

  6. Veronica Mars...

    is ALWAYS a better choice than Bush. In fact, VMars in 2008!

  7. Backup  

    Blah blah blah election blah blah address blah...

    Who wants to place bets on how long Veronica and Logan stay together this time? And how long it is before the inevitable and regrettable Veronica/Piz mistake hookup? And why does Weevil have weird acneish stuff on his face? And where was Wallace this week?


    the dems blog = hilarious commentary

  9. VMARS  


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