Overheard: Girl Talk Edition

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In the very public Cafe 212:

Girl A: Can you even get a urinary tract infection from rough sex?

Girl B: I think so, if you don’t clean yourself up afterward.

And in Tasti D-Lite, dessert-prime time:

Girl C:  (said with a certain amount of disgust) She’s going to an Ivy Singles Ball.

Girl D:  Umm…I’d be kind of embarassed to go to that.

Girl C: Yeah… but that’s where you meet a husband.

Girl D: Yeah.  All Ivy!

Girl C:  All Ivy–all single!

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  1. omg  

    Girl talk! It's up there with "telephone tag / telephone tag / its a game for all your girl friends..."

  2. hey  

    i don't like these posts. it gives the idea that columbia students have more sex than they actually do.

  3. who knew

    that columbia still gave out the MRS degree.

  4. a girl  

    I think it's rather insensitive that the first one got posted...UTIs are a concern for many females, and posting that conversation makes light of a serious (and very common) matter. Granted, the girls should have been more discreet about where they had the conversation. And for the record, you can get a UTI from any kind of sex.

    • here's what i think  

      I think you should remove whatever is so far up your ass. I bet you've laughed at a guy getting kicked in the balls in your years, and fuck if that's funny when you're the one who gets kicked. But it's funny to everyone else. Just is.

  5. Anonymous  

    the more you know.. ding!

  6. kazzy

    for a moment there i thought you meant girl talk as in night ripper.

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