1. Sprinkles

    You can play cliche bingo with every anti-Israel editoral nowadays: "Apartheid," check. "Racist occupation," check. Ad infinitum.

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  3. Anonymous  

    How about this: when Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghanis, etc. stop acting like barbarians, we will stop treating them as such? I think that's a pretty fair deal.
    And there isn't an Israel-Palestine problem. It's Israel's Palestinian problem. ::gets ready to read a few dozen anti-semitic personal attacks::

    • It's  

      Palestine's Palestinian problem. Granted unprecedented degrees of autonomy and control over governance and security the Palestinian leadership has given the Middle East two and a half years of civil war and chaos. Israel, which has given every indication that it wants a physical and political disengagement with Palestinian Arabs even at the expense of multilateral negotiation, has repeatedly made concessions to the Palestinians and other Arab political and national entities (withdrawal from Lebanon, Gaza, parts of the West Bank) with little apparent consideration for their own vital security interests. And somehow this is still their problem?

      • Continued

        construction of settlements is hardly disengagement. unprecedented degrees of autonomy? False. The PA only has as much authority as Israel wants it to have. When Israel doesn't want to negotiate, it simply undermines and cuts of the PA until leadership changes.

        Israel wants to treat the situation as a negotiation, but it is impossible to have any sort of fair negotiations when the power imbalance between both parties is so great. Its a sham. One that Israel and the US continue to support.

    • oh, please  

      just because someone disagrees with the actions of the israeli government does not make him anti-semitic. get over yourself. (and it's pretty ridiculous of you to decry perceived anti-semitism while characterizing all arabs as barbarians.)

      • Anonymous  

        If you had read my two lines of comments with any attention, you would've noticed that I specifically avoided using terms like "arab" and "Muslim". There are many kinds of arabs and Muslims. Some I am friends with. Others strap nail-filled explosives to themselves and detonate them in crowded teenage clubs that some of my relatives may very well visit. Still others are gutless cowards and choose to hide behind women and children while launching rockets into civilian neighborhoods. I ask you to consider the consequences if one day a group of government-sponsored Mexicans drove a pickup truck filled with TNT into a Border Patrol outpost. How many days-no, make that hours-would pass before the Mexican nation was bombed back to the age of the Aztecs? At least I know that no Mexican would hide behind his wife to avoid enemy fire. Now consider how many blatant acts of war Israel has suffered in virtual silence, conducting military operations with surgical precision when any other nation would respond to such constant intrusions with no less than a full-fledged invasion. No my friend, it is not at all ridiculous to for me to decry governments and individuals who endorse, finance, and carry out such actions as barbaric, cowardly, and sub-human. And because I know my fellow Columbians like to take things literally, as if their education has taught them nothing, please accept my US-Mexico analogy (and further such references) as just that-- an analogy.

        • Fckfrr  

          You are not decrying "governments" and "individuals" with your thinly veiled "At least I know that no Mexican would hide behind his wife to avoid enemy fire." You, dear sir, are a racist fucking idiot. What Israel does to the people it occupies is barbaric, cowardly, and subhuman but its status as a government keeps off the terrorist label. We do not brutally occupy the Mexicans, moron. We haven't stripped them of their human rights and build settlements. What a load of idiotic zionist drivel. Israel suffers in "virtual silence" indeed. Tell that to the girl who was shot in the head just days ago by an Israeli soldier. Oh, right we shant hear about that here, and there wouldn't be enough time to hear about every one of these terrorist acts every day.

          • at least  

            #13 doesn't sound like a complete idiot. Why don't you go to an Israeli nightclub. Give us a call when you get some nails buried in your chest by that girl's best friend, who just HAPPENS to have some C4 lying around the house.
            It's funny when an Israeli bus explodes, it's business as usual. But a single Palestinian shot by the military? HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE! At least she died at the hands of a soldier, not a faceless cowardly dog.
            And you're right, Israel has an actual GOVERNMENT in place, as opposed to a caucus of terrorists.

  4. no..  

    totally wrong idea. we just need jack bauer to intervene.

  5. GS hater

    Which are ones are these? I'm off-campus today.

  6. Worsley

    Looks like [adjunct writing prof] dale worsley got shit-canned. About time too

  7. hey  

    While I totally agree with you, not all Middle Easterners in those listed regions (Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghanis)are Arabs. Iran, for instance, has a predominantly Persian ethnic population.

  8. HYL  

    Iran is not technically even in the Middle East.

  9. WOW  

    This thread displays shocking amounts of ignorance regarding the Middle East and surrounding locales. Please, read a book or actually engage in a dialogue with others to learn about the extremely diverse and varied peoples of the nations of Afghanistan, Iran, etc. before you act as if you know anything about them. Not all Muslims are Arab; not all "middle easterners" are Arab. The obvious confusion regarding geography, ethnic variation, etc. apparent in this thread is shocking. The way the terms "Muslim," "Arab," "Persian" are being ignorantly bandied about is absurd. (Especially "Muslim"- do you realize that the largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia?) This sort of ignorance is one of the primary causes of strife in the modern world.

  10. asdfghjkl;  

    I'd like to second the mention that it's very strange how when Israeli civilians get blown up, there's no tears for them, but when a Palestinian is shot by a soldier, everyone decries Israel as a terrorist state...anyone who's truly for peace would condemn the violence of both sides. It's beyond creepy how a typical viewpoint is that Israelis somehow deserve to be killed.

    • Obviously

      You haven't spent 21 years watching the same news media I have. The one that barely covers Israeli operations in the occupied territories, but god forbid and Israeli dies, oh the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth! Woe unto us!

  11. I am American

    I don't care about Israel. Or Palestine. I care about the Middle East being stable and peaceful enough for me to get oil at decent prices. I don't believe in intervening in anything else.

  12. Hal  

    That's right. I didn't hear about this girl that was shot. I don't know her name. I get the life story and see the families of Israeli victims. Are you watching the same media I am? I ALWAYS hear about Israeli victims, get their names even. Palestinians are statistics if mentioned at all and the complicity is always ambiguous.

    As long as we're subsidizing occupation we are intervening.

    • Hey  

      you choose to go to an AMERICAN college.. why r u still so obsessed with israel or palestine? this is america, and nobody else here cares, so plz stop hijacking our priorities

  13. i care  

    I fucking care when people I know are being blown up and though israel isn't causing the violence it helps promote the conditions that sustain such violence.
    Nothing wrong with being "AMERICAN" and not caring, but most people care because they understand the consequences of the current problem.

    • Fine then  

      Go over there and do something about it. Stop taking your fight here. I would support a wholesale US pullout in the Middle East if it means we don't have to deal with the daily saber-rattling on College Walk. Fuck the Israelis. Fuck the Arabs. (Notice how I didn't say fuck the Muslims or fuck the Jews). I really don't care about either side. They can fight all they want, and to the winner goes the spoils. Just keep it in your own fucking backyard.

      • I would love  

        to hear your response if you had family living in Jerusalem. Or, for that matter, if you weren't close-minded midwestern trailer trash with no cares in the world but riding your pickup and your sister.

        • is that all?  

          I would go over to Jerusalem and join the Israeli or the Palestinian civil service and try to do something about it. What you don't understand is that a huge majority of Americans are not obsessed with your little Arab-Israeli spat and frankly don't give a shit and wish you'd stop fighting and leave us and each other in peace. I would not go crying to some other country to fight my own wars. I would not bitch and moan about how shit is unfair in the safety of my ivory tower. And I would not jump on the ad hominem wagon.

      • Anonymous  

        Americans don't have the option not to care. Israel is funded by American tax dollars. In the Lebanon war this past summer, American oil fueled American-built and American-funded planes that dropped American-built and American-funded bombs, while the American Secretary of State openly provided international political cover and promoted the war as spreading "American values".

        Israel's actions are America's liability. To paraphrase Chomsky, eventually, the chickens DO come home to roost. Remove every mention of the word American in the paragraph above and then you have license to disengage. Until then, America's completely liable for all Israeli actions, be they war crimes or peace prizes. Unfortunately for our nation, Israel seems much better at war than at peace.

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