Gossip: Really Wild Animals Edition

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Everybody is talking about animals now, according to three separate things that three separate people said. IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE THAT THREE OF ANYTHING MAKES A TREND!

First, a pair of professors:

“Sex with animals…it doesn’t seem like something we might do today. But in a rural world, it does happen!”

– Professor Alfred MacAdam, Latin American Literature in Translation, on One Hundred Years of Solitude

“Everyone here loves camels. They are beastly, beastly mean animals.” 

– Professor George Saliba, Contemporary Islamic Civilization, on the Safavid Empire

…and then, a student continues the trend:

“… and that would be fine, except that I’m allergic to scorpion blood.”

– Girl in McIntosh in between bites of (hopefully scorpion-free) sushi

Overheard by Juli Weiner


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  1. Y'know  

    It really, REALLY is a shame that Bwog wasn't around when Bulliet taught Animals in Human History. Every day was like a compendium of Profs Say The Darndest Things.

  2. the bulliet files  

    are you sure you read all of the wealth of nations? it doesn't even look like the spine has been broken on that book.

  3. read Mac

    Adam's quote carefully: doesn't SEEM like something we MIGHT do today?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: is he subconsciously admitting to us that he's an animal fucker?

  4. Wiener  

    My neighbor sounds like a dying porpous when she's having sex.

  5. Don't laugh  

    at bestiality. It's how I got my little brother.

  6. shira  

    "People's individual spiritual trajectories are so strange that I think it's better not to have one at all."
    -Richard Bulliet

  7. apropos of nothing  

    did anyone see the pathetic flaxman ripoff that krebs sent out to the sophomore class? yeesh...

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