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aliceIs nothing sacred? Fox News (which one tipster spotted shooting b-roll on campus earlier today) having run through every other permutation of “wild sex” and “Columbia students,” decided to take aim at Bwog’s favorite site at Columbia and possibly ever: www.goaskalice.com, our source of wisdom on everything from dried fruit to dental dams.

The host and guest sexperts, set against decidedly un-Columbian scenes of scantily clad bodies, gasped over the site’s descriptions of bestiality (“people who engage in these activities have very serious mental health issues”) and “other things we can’t put on the air.” Said Unprotected author Dr. Miriam Grossman: “I’m horrified by the site goaskalice.com.”

According to one anonymous tipster, Health Services at Columbia is aware of the segment, but hasn’t yet issued a statement.


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  1. It's a good thing  

    Fox News hasn't visited the chemistry laboratories here. You know what they use in there? Chloroform! And everyone knows that's used to knock out people and have wild illicit sex with them!
    And have they seen our medical campus? People walking around in pajamas and just gowns? It's a freaking brothel up there!

  2. jds  

    I guess they forgot about this article, which actually gives a positive mention of the site (near the end):


  3. taotan  

    the link doesn't work....can you youtube it?

  4. douchebags

    is an apt tag. Alice is a superb service, for which Columbia should get props.

  5. colombia  

    link still doesnt work

  6. just watched it  

    I want to puke.

  7. I think  

    Miriam Grossman sent in the sheep question. She is clearly against any kind of inter-human sexual activity.

  8. Hopefully  

    her beliefs will keep her from reproducing?

  9. Interestingly

    the word "Columbia" appears but once in this segment. Has Fox News matured, perhaps? Ever so slightly?

  10. Holler  

    Go Ask Alice is the best site on the Internet!

  11. Alumnus

    Columbia must back Go Ask Alice!

  12. i almost  

    cried while watching this.

  13. a.s,  

    From Grossman's interview in the National Review:

    Lopez: Do you downplay the danger of AIDS?

    Dr. Grossman: No, I emphasize that it is a virus that is transmitted by having anal sex, sharing needles, or having a sexual partner that does those things. I explain why the virus is more easily transmitted during those behaviors. I argue that the warning “anybody can get AIDS” is a distortion. Without delineating which sexual activities are truly dangerous, this warning may lead those in danger to minimize their risk, and those in little or no danger to magnify theirs.

    ...enough said

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