QuickSpec: “I could never get the hang of Thursdays” edition

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  1. come on  

    eyepoke, please

  2. well  

    actually it very much is: http://eye.columbiaspectator.com/

    and has always been.

  3. I wouldn't  

    refer to any of the accomplished panelists who spoke as "girls."

  4. today has been bad

    and here's why:

    #1 - Crazy Jim's column got picked up by Gawker. http://gawker.com/news/columbia-university/how-to-get-an-internship-columbiastyle-233268.php
    They're not complimentary, of course, because Crazy Jim is both crazy AND boring, but it still saddens me to see such an undeserving twatwaffle get noticed by one of my favorite sites.

    #2 - No Eyepoke. I'm genuinely hurt by this, Bwog. Where is the love? The snarky, snarky love?

  5. nice  

    h2g2 reference, Bwog.


  6. Sprinkles  

    Not really sure what to think about David Iscoe's article...Yes, world leaders should be taking a more active role in stopping genocide (however it can be done, I'm not sure), but it's ridiculous to insinuate that everyday Americans shouldn't be intensely concerned about issues in their own country like gay rights or who will get elected. After all, an everyday American has a direct influence on who gets elected. It's WORLD LEADERS who can intervene in Darfur.

    Though I must say Iscoe has balls calling out the cult of Jeff Sachs. Well done.

    • yo...  

      you might not entirely be reading that article correctly. i THINK he is saying that the problem in darfur is that we aren't pissed off about it like other issues that we are really touchy about and MORE concerned about so politicians don't have to care and can't use it. it's hard to interpret though.

      if he is saying what you say i don't agree with it.

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