Shades of Splogs!

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sdfWe told you about Pressbox, the originally named new Spec Sports blog, and now The Steps is back too! Welcome, Splog children, to the shiny world of new media (and most every other college newspaper in the country).  So far they’re taking on political philosophy, national politics, sports and…nothing related to Columbia at all. But the scope of Splogs is capacious, its potential without limit. We look foward to a wonderful spring together.

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  1. historical irony  

    "the scope of Splogs is capacious, its potential without limit"

    just like last time!

  2. shitty start  

    i fell asleep during the biden piece and woke up in the middle of that horrible superbowl wrap:

    "Everyone knows that 90% of the audience is really watching to see the breaks, not the actual game."

    "Everyone" meaning speccies who write for The Steps to find another reason to not leave that office/meet normal folk.

  3. gah  

    that's some shitty line height on those spec blogs. also, they appear to be covering nothing that we couldn't read a thousand blog posts about anywhere else... or with any sort of "seen through college walk" perspective.

    they will be dead again soon unless some changes are made.

  4. BPM  

    I don't dig the name. too easy and now reminds me too much of incredible acting, not journalistic bloggery.

    i say they embrace "Splog." Or "Splog!" They should only write breathless 50 word tirades and end them all with "so...um...SPLOG!" That'd be some good shit.

  5. meanwhile  

    the eye continues to update their fashion week coverage regularly, much to my surprise. spec's usually bad with follow-through, so i'm still pessimistic

    the steps sucks

  6. Splog  



    Splog sounds like Splooge.

  7. splog  

    come on guys, i think the point was to escape college walk. it's still going to fall under the campus lens, because it's written by columbia people. it just won't suffer from stretched, trite cliches that it risked if the campus lens was more overt. it'll be different from slate/gawker et al only if it succeeds in finding a diverse enough group of columbia studetns...which is tough since we're all somewhat stuck in the same frame of mind--but isn't impossible. can you dig?

    • umm  

      why would columbia students want to read random collections of news not related to columbia produced by spec people as opposed to other, more professional and inevitably better-written sources? the market for that kind of thing is already saturated, and natural selection is bound to take place. it did with the old splogs, anyway.

  8. slate  

    Never, ever EVER compare me to Splog. The only thing I be compared to is my parent company, the almighty Washington Post, and possibly my bastard half-brother Newsweek.

    Slate is God.

  9. Dear Prudence  

    I told you about spectator blogs
    You know the place where nothing is real
    Well here's another place you can go
    Where everything flows
    Looking through the bent backed tulips
    To see how the other half live
    Looking through a blue onion

    I told you about the jester and me, man
    You know that we're as close as can be, man
    Well here's another clue for you all
    The jester is Rich
    Standing on the cast iron shore, yeah
    Lady The Record trying to make ends meet, yeah
    Looking through a glass onion
    Looking through a glass onion

    I told you about the fool on the steps
    I tell you man she's living there still
    Well here's another place you can be
    Listen to me
    Fixing a hole in the beach
    Tryin' to make a dovetail joint
    Looking through a glass onion

  10. commenter #8  

    the bloggers on splog are not "spec people"...but like i said, if indeed the team of bloggers isn't diverse, if it's just spec people, it indeed will be boring. give it some time, though!

  11. splogasm

    i'd rather spend my cuit-limited bandwidth on porn than spec blogs.

  12. Kulawik O'Rielly

    weekly standard > everything

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